Friday, March 18, 2011

Why can't I find him handsome?

Long long ago, when Bollywood was singing all about dil, jigar, pyar, deewana and mastana again and again, the 7 year old me used to swoon at Aamir Khan's boyish charms in QSQT. He was the cutest I thought. Soon enough Salman Khan and Bhagyashree did all those Friend-cap and Kabootar things and I was again floored by this guy's eyes.

The Khans kept me glued to bollywood for a very long time and I switched tags from one Khan to other as my fave hero. Mr. India, Darr, Baazigar and all those Khiladis didn't deter me from my duo-khans.

It took a DDLJ to shift loyalties towards the third Khan and I was lost in those swiss cow-bells, mandolins and sarson ke kheth, and of course, Shah Rukh Khan. KKHH and DTPH reinforced the devotion. I was the loony-toony SRK loving teen eagerly waiting for his next movie.

A new guy on the block - the Roshan son, failed to impress because I hated his light eyes. John Abraham was liked for a few obvious reasons but I still remained SRK fan. Then came the big shocker - KKKG - It was hard to believe that somebody could draw out so much of hatred from me, that too for somebody I used to like! I still think it was KKKG that brought the fultoos change in me - I not only started hating SRK like never before but also lost interest in the other Khans, the Kapoors, the Kumars, the Abrahams, the Roshans.. everybody.

For years it never struck me that I did not have a bollywood pin-up hero like every other girl. Just a few years back I gave it a serious thought - so who do I like in Bollywood? Blank. I watched a lot of movies but never really liked/bothered about the hero. Gosh! What was happening? Oh my god, I don't like any of those hot bollywood young or old stars!!I panicked! Am I OK??!!!

As soon as I confided my worst fears with S, I also realized I didn't like anybody in Tamil industry or Malayalam industry either, save a few oldies from Hollywood like Sean Connery(almost bald!), Nicholas Cage (almost bald!) and George Clooney (not yet bald!). Now, this was so un-Indian-girlish!!

When S asked me to think of all possibilities and say a few names of bollywood stars whom I might find even remotely attractive, I thought.. hard.. for a very long time.. and then carefully picked the answers..

"Rahul Bose... Ranvir Shorey...and.."

and before I could complete, S stopped me with a motion of his hand.

S: "That's enough.. Can I tell you something honestly?"

Me: "Yeah.. whats it?"

S: "Please don't tell your choices to anyone"


So, there I am, wondering, why I can't find the usual stars handsome!!!