Friday, April 28, 2006


Sometimes I have wondered..
--> Why everybody looks beautiful when they smile?

--> Why everytime you question the existence of God ,He proves his existence making
impossible things possible?

--> Do bed-time stories and lullabies really put one to sleep?

--> Why does the phone take such a long time to ring when you are eagerly waiting for it to ring?

--> And when it finally does ring, why does it happen that most of the time its a wrong

--> Why do we have tears in our eyes after a good laugh?

--> Why does my bus come late when I am early and come early when I am late?

--> Why is it that even though you doodle your signature perfectly on every piece of paper you find near you when you are on the phone,but when it comes to signing 5 pages of a document,all your signatures end up looking entirely different?

--> Why is it that there is nothing interesting on the TV once the battle for the remote is over and you have won it?

To be contd.. (if there are not too many protests from my blog readers!!!)

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Sweet Nothings

Yesterday I chanced upon this mail about people and blood groups.It began very well giving an impressive statistics ( I believe 99% of all statistics are fake - pun intended ;-) ) saying O+ blood group people eat up almost 40% of the pie.Then came a table informing who can receive/donate blood from/to whom. Quite informative I thought. As I scrolled down, I was completely stupefied by what I read!

What I believed looked right out of a good encyclopedia really turned me down when I read those words in bold..."Now,read what your blood group says about you.." and then those familiar rows which would be type casting each one of us to one of them.

All of us receive such "type-casting" mails in dozens everyday...right from "What does your colour say about you.." to " What does your sleep posture say about you"...why stop at that..."what does how you dot your 'i's and cross your 't's say about you.."..."What does your Sun sign (and for that matter,moon sign,normal sign-I mean signature!sign,sine,cos,tan blah blah) say about you" .....Humphhh...So many things say so many things about you - and all entirely different :-D ,right??

What is strange is that even though you know its a total crappy stuff,you(includes me too!) eagerly scroll down to your "respective" row (got from either a simple look-up process or from tedious mathematical formulae involving everything form your date of birth to when the tyrannosaurus rex got extinct! )..and nod your head vigorously on reading each good thing that it mentions about you saying "Oh yeah,how true!!" and say "naah...thats the only mistake they made in assessing me" when it comes to your bad qualities!

Anyways,we got to admit its lot of fun! :-) And I would rather stop this musing with this happy note! Cheers..! Good Day..

PS : Now,in case you are curious and still hoping somebody would forward the blood-group mail to you, hold on - I can copy-paste that for you :-)

TYPE O You want to be a leader, and when you see something you want, you keep striving until you achieve your goal. You are a trend-setter, loyal, passionate, and self-confident. Your weaknesses include vanity and jealously and a tendency to be too competitive.

TYPE A You like harmony, peace and organization. You work well with others, and are sensitive, patient and affectionate. Among your weaknesses are stubbornness and an inability to relax.

TYPE B You're a rugged individualist, who's straightforward and likes to do things your own way. Creative and flexible, you adapt easily to any situation. But your insistence on being independent can sometimes go too far and become a weakne ss.

TYPE AB Cool and controlled, you're generally well liked and always put people at ease. You're a natural entertainer who's tactful and fair. But you're standoffish, blunt, and have difficulty making decisions.

Friday, April 21, 2006

A-Z Bangalore - Enjoy Maadi..

A for Appukuttan Nair
B for BMTC
C for Compilation errors
D for Deadlines!!!
E for E-mails
F for (The) Forum

G for Green City Clean City
H for yeah,no points for guessing the right answer,its Hosur road
I for Information Technology
J for J2EE???
K for "Kannada Gothilla" :-)
L for Lalbagh Flower Show
M for will find them everywhere here!
N for Network Busy
O for Oh My God,it crashed again!

P for Paying Guests
Q for Queue Please
R for Radio Cityyyyyy....91 FM
S for Sukh Sagar,Shanthi Sagar and the sea of other Sagars..
T for Traffic ,traffic,,,,
U for see..
V for Virus Alert!
W for Windows is shutting down..Saving your personal settings..
X for Well,this is left for the Blog readers... :-D
Y for Yipee!Today is Friday!
Z for Zoom-in (+) Zoom Out (-)

Have a nice day!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

What Happens on a Boring Day...Mission Makeover.

Let me tell you something I discovered very recently.The height of stupidity of your actions on a particular day is directly proportional to the degree of boredom on that day.And I haven't yet found out the relation between the degree/extent of disasters caused due to this stupidity and the number of times you have thought Murphy's Laws are to be used only with jokes!
It had been a nice lazy holiday.Having woken up very late in the morning,I was getting those "How do I spend the rest of the day" blues by ten. Watching Tv was not a bad option.But true to my ways,I started getting restless. Glancing at the mirror on my way back to my room lit a bulb in my head... Back in the room,my only other roomie who had a holiday too was busy on the phone.
I took a skeptic look at myself in the mirror."Mirror,mirror on the wall,who is the prettiest of all??"..that was a dramatic-Me! But no reply.The hair of the person in the mirror looked like a dull mass of hornet's nest,eyes too lifeless..the material looked mirror-cracking .Having examined the sordid image,I rummaged through my chest of draw.. took my hair brush (I will say it a thousand times-a good brush,good one,very good one,very very good one!!!) and "sorted out" the chaos.
By then another curious roomie had joined in what I had secretly named Mission Makeover. She got so excited by the thought of dressing me up that she got her entire make-up kit ready within seconds! What followed was a half an hour smearing-blending-more-smearing-and more blending of more than the 256-True Colour palette on my face.
A quick look at the mirror confirmed that things were going ultra-fine. And then it happened...thanks to Murphy,if anything can go wrong,it will. Having completed the "raid" in my draw,I quickly shifted to my friend's draw.A hair roller...yes..the perfect find. I carefully took out a handful of hair close to my forehead and gently rolled it on the hair roller...once..twice...thrice...and again...and...ouch...oops....oh no...godddddddd....damn it....I couldn't undo the rolls...the roller was stuck to my hair! "Nooooooo......." I screamed dramatically..and my friends came rushing towards me. After a fifteen minute merciless chortle,three "hair-experts" pounced on the roller,trying franctically to pull out the hair from it.And I was yelping like a wounded puppy cos yeah,it hurt me sooooooo much! :-((
Parachute hair oil, water,Sunsilk shampoo,Himalaya Protein Conditioner....everything failed to help us. The futility of the attempt was being realised as the clock ticked by...Matters were moving from bad to worse.One hour since the occurence of "the bright idea", I was surrounded by a grand audience echoing my yelps whenever my friend tugged at my hair. I realised that there was no way I could untangle my hair from the roller.Armed with a pair of scissors,my exhausted friend took one last look at the tangle and I heard the sweet sound-"swish-swash-swish-swash"....the scissors were working quickly.
That was the fitting finale of Mission Makeover.A fringe of hair falling on my adamant that it wouldn't get pinned up into my pony tail.

Moral - Rolling brushes gather all the hair.So please be cautious.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Veendum Oru Vishu...

Innu Kerala New Year Vishu pramaanichu Malayalathil "blog"aan theerumaanichu..Ende ippraavishathe vishu bangalore_il thanne aayi..aadyaayittaanu vishu diwasam veettil ninnum maari nilkkunnathu.

Innale raathri kidakkunnathinu munbu athyaavisham nalla saadhanangal okke pillow_de side_il othukki vechittaanu kidannathu...raavile kannu thurakkumbol ormayode kaanane ennu praarthichittu kidannu.

Samayam 6:15...ende mobile goes beep beeep beeep beeeeeeeep...Reflex action pole mobile_il nokki.."Alarm off!!" "Snooze" ennokke paranju light minnunnu...Aiyyyooooo....vishu kani!!! Vegam kannadachu bed_il position cheythu kannu thurannu,to see the mirror...ende thottu purake oru nalla window aayathukondu sooryaprakashathil frame itta enne njan mirror_il kandu...(kandu ennu parayaam..aake frame maathrame kandollu!!) pinne pillow_de thaazhennu oru photo album eduthu..last page edukkunnathinu pakaram ormayillaathe 1st page eduthu...NSS College of Engineering ennu ezhuthiya valya building..ooops...thetti poyi..last page eduthu..hmmm...thank,dad and pj..:-D

Angane kure mistakes okke kazhinju vishu kani kandu.. Pinne chaadi odi pidanju marinju oru kuliyum b-fast_um kazhichu veendum chaadi odi bus stop_il ethi,just-miss aakenda bus_inde purake odi chaadi keri phew-huff-puff okke kazhinju settle ethi..back to work...anganeyum oru vishu!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Fwd : Important,Must Read...!!

Reminds you of all the junk mails(not spam,mind ya!) you receive everyday from your closest of the closest friends,right? The ones you lovingly kill hitting the delete button ,sending them right away to their graves - ironically called the recycle bin ( do they actually get recycled? Like a life after death perhaps!!! )

Why do we go "grr.." seeing a forwarded mail ,at the same time hesitate once(no..twice?? or thrice..??) before hitting the delete button??? Why do we loathe at the sight of a forwarded message from a friend,but still make it a point to read it ,knowing very well that it might be the dirtiest PJ???

There have been different types of forwarded messages..the most favourite among them being the surd jokes and wildest one liner PJ's which begin like."Why did blah-blah do something blah-blah?"..and then it asks you to scroll down and down and down and down into the bottom of the earth with inspiring messages like "think..think" and " socho yaar" strewn in between,trying their best to bring out the "genius" in you..but alas..after 26 frantic rotation of your scroll key on your mouse,you are left with a cardiac arrest!How come (and more importantly WHO IN THE HELL..) they come up with such absurd PJs!!!

And then there are the classic notorious "Send it to 10 people or you are doomed" versions of forwarded messages.Uggghhh....From Gayathri mantra,Chinese Totem to Love Magic (which claims that if you send it to 3 people,your bf will call you now,5 people- your bf will take you out for dinner,10 people-hold your breath,he might even propose!!! ) which secretly knows how to guess out to how many people you have mailed and perform the "appropriate magic" within oh-my-god-next-2-hours!!!!

Another class is a senti-stuff carefully,don't drink while driving..or you will face the fate of Martin (and the gory pictures of some person who has supposedly met with an accident).Spoils your day! But out of all this junk,there are few messages that really brighten up your day! When you very badly want a break and go through all those new forwarded messages that have landed
in your mailbox,you do hope and wait for that damn good joke which will send you rolling on the floor with laughter and prompt you to hit the "Forward" button-- and hence the chain continues :-)cheers!!!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

E for Emraan "Kissme" :-* !!!

Yesterday,one my friends commented that I write a lot of stuffs classified as
"unintelligible" by "lesser mortals" like him.So today,I am trying to safe-land on a zone which would hopefully be more intelligible-- the title must have been of some use to make a not-so-wild-guess as to what I might write about ;-)
The birth of this star occured when Bollywood was slowing its pace..movies were being churned out every second like in a after the other and painfully steroetyped. Hero meeting heroine,falling in love,dancing around trees,heroine's dad watching,heroine locked in room,dishoom dishoom at hero's end,bleeding nose,sad version of the happy tree song,dad's hearts melt,hero and heroine unite and happy ending! A packet of pop corn,one cone of ice cream and a happy ending at your end too! Damn it! Even the routine was getting stereotyped!
And then came Hashmi-with "Murder".He hit off so well among the Indian audience after his "never-before performance" in the movie that the Indians screamed "encore!!" and soon enough "Zeher","Aashiq banaya aapne" ,"Aksar" and others followed.Sure enough,he turned the path of Indian Cinema from the usual run-of-the-mill stories,but creating a new genre ,at the cost of raising many eye brows!
For,here was a man who had better options to use his lips than utilize it for
mundane tasks like speaking and eating! And he did what he best could in all the movies now lovingly called "hashmi-styled movies" :-D (if you know what I meant!) Who would have imagined that a man with so tiny lips would actually manage to create a saga titled "The Art of Kissing"!!
A typical Hashmi movie would go thus(refer to the previous sequence for appreciating the depth of difference brought in)- Hero (one of the less popular actors in Bollywood) is ALREADY married to heroine ( whoa!! that should have meant "The End",but its just "the Beginning" here !!) Enter Hashmi - oops,he is heroines ex-flame. Heroine tries to keep him away,but his magnetism is too over powering (song sequence follows) ,kissing,kissing and more kissing....still kissing...still more kissing..(phew,hashmi is still not tired!!!)...husband(our hero) doubts "meri biwi par shak he"..scope for a new character role -- The Investigator( Best Award for role as Investigator-to be included in Cine Awards soon)-jo biwi aur ex-flame ke photo kheenchtha he. Heroine is shocked on seeing the photos. A murder of hashmi occurs. "pulis" aa jaate he..biwi takes the blame on herself,hubby also does the same-- "kya??" ..bechara "pulis" is confused! Then after some mess and a fuss and a song sequence,somehow the movie ends (fortunately). Pop corn over,ice cream over,happy ending(??) ,I don't know..:-)

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


There is this neat pile of books at my home stacked away in a dusty corner , each of them looking not a bit like the other in their appearance,shape and colour...but they all share one similarity.Every book has lots of pages filled up with writings,musings and pictures,little souvenirs tucked in with love in the first half of the book while the other half is almost bland...wondering what these books are? They are my journals through the years - I,Me,Myself- Unedited.

An old saying goes "Paper is more patient than man" and every crazy thought strewn across those pages of a journal is a testimony to this fact.Sometimes I have wondered what I would do with all those journals I have maintained through right from when I was 12 years of age. And I think I am going to read all that junk (!!) after a few years,probably share it with my family too,and enjoy a good laugh (thats the only best thing I can think of now!).Sometimes I get so embarassed about few of my cranky ideas etched in there that I even thinking of burning them all away! But that invisible string tugs at your heart and you put off the idea.

Getting specific about my journals,as I mentioned earlier,the process gets kick started with much fire and fury in the first half of year....with almost all the pages scribbled about anything and everything under the sun...right from the fight I had with my best friend to how I was chased by a dog and ran for my life hoping no one had seen it! Post July,the laziness takes a toll on me and frequency of scribbles reduces drastically and by December,there would have been atleast half a dozen pages of apologies for not writing anything! Come January,its again a new beginning,a fresh dairy,but same old me again :-)

First few years,my journal even had pictures of the daily events..cartoons...what not!Advancing through the years,pictures reduced,daily chore jottings also reduced and I tried evolving by writing about serious stuffs.By the end of the year I realised serious writing was not my cup of tea cos the entire journal was the worst one I had ever written!

And now with blogging,a beautiful new vista of I,Me,Myself-Unedited series has opened before me....with a serious risk factor--the blunders and stupidity is now open for the world to see! But I am definitely enjoying it!! What about you..?

Monday, April 03, 2006

The Importance of Emoting(With Care)

So you think I am going to talk non-stop on the importance of emotions in our life and how we should show our loved ones that we care,trust and love them more than ourselves and that more than what we feel for them,what matters is how we express the same?? Naah...those are all topics written by so many people so many times that it would be like digging them out of their graves...let them rest in peace...:-)

Am talking about emoting on a different plane -- emoting even when you are typing on the key board! Yes dude,this time you guessed it right! Thanks to the ever-green hero who discovered those pretty combinations of punctuation marks,my blog has had a narrow escape from extinction!

Emoticons (Rather Emote-Icons) was probably the first revolutionary step which changed the notion that display of emotions were signs of buddy,its trendy to emote!! The more emoticons you use, the cooler you are seen as! Though only a handful of emoticons have managed to find place in people's hearts,most of them do know the existence of weird ones like dogs,cats, rainbow etc!

The importance of emoting on the e-plane can be caught with the following
example.Consider the sentence and their huge difference in meanings those little curly things at the end make...
--> I am going home :-) ( glad!!!)
--> I am going home :-( ( bf and I had plans for a nice outing!Its ruined!)
--> I am going home X-( ( i have had enough talking to leaving!)
I know I needn't have mentioned all that so explicitly..but when it comes to using
emoticons,I really want all of you to take some care...for I have been in grave situations when I accidently typed :-X instead of X-( when I was almost yelling at a friend! And his surprise :-o and a "Are you ok? " message helped me realise my folly..and we did have a good laugh after that ..(haha...thks to the emoticons culture,we could solve our difference of opinion amicably!) .. So aint that friendly curly thing cool to use??? Happy Emoting...:-)cheers!!!