Friday, June 16, 2006

Sounds in the Silence..

Sounds too serious ? well..that was my objective indeed. The past few days ( weeks,to be precise) have seen lots of manky posts here in my blog that I badly wanted the eyebrows of my readers to quirk up reading this topic atleast (Oh,she has
managed to get hold of some serious stuff at last??).. ! And just in case your eye brows are still in that awkwardly position much above where they were originally designed to be ,please relax..."Sounds in the Silence" has nothing to do with
philosophy,psychology,and absolutely nothing to do with how sound travels in air(thats the wildest you could have imagined!).

Imagine yourself in a dark room with no windows and doors(sorry,no matchsticks,torches,cell phones..if that sucking idea came to your mind!).You are all alone.No trail of any food.And the air smells of particularly nothing.I guess that rules out the use of a majority of our primary senses - sight,touch,taste and smell. Which means we are left with the sense of hearing alone. Those tiny,unassuming sounds which would have otherwise got lost in the plethora of noises that life can offer starts
looming up big in the growing silence breaking it mercilessly. I know I am technically wrong when I say "in the growing silence"..cos a silence is no longer a silence when we have noise. But these noises I am referring to are seemingly so tiny that anybody would agree its wrong to assume they can disturb the allow it to be at the centre stage...and then the whole picture changes!

Think of the day how the low hum of the mosquitoes in the night drove you so mad that you dind't sleep a wink through out the night ! Or that leaky tap in the kitchen sink which would drip with amazing precision distracting you so severely when you are burning the midnight lamp on the eve of your semester exams.. Not to say the creaky doors in the rainy nights which screeches reluctantly in the eerie silence of the dark.. Would you really have noticed them in the broad daylight amidst the

And then there are the good gentle sounds which bring in such a soothing effect on your nerves and that you drown in their simple melody. The soft thuds of a gentle shower beating on the window panes.. or that of a singing kettle as it boils water.
Sometimes the silence of the starry nights in itself is a wonderful sound... making you feel like a little child in its defeaning magnificence ,yet secure and safe in the cradle of nature.

And I wonder why would these tiny noises have to shed their grandeur in the day !!!!

Friday, June 09, 2006

The Secret of a Melodious Bath

I have wondered what is it about the bathrooms that inspire you to howl and crown oneself a "Fantabulous Bathroom Singer" however badly you sing(howl)..If my memory hasn't already begun to falter, I have been an incorrigible bathroom singer right from the days I could manage to utter sounds and so would most of us I guess..What began with "twinkle twinkle little star" gradulally evolved(and is still evolving) to a grand orchestra,full with surround and feels-like-woofers effect which unfortunately,is not loved by peace-loving souls living in my neighbourhood!

Its probably got to do with the echo inside them..or is it the rhythmic sound of water splashing from the shower that sends your "melody bone" tickling..May be its just the "freaky" feeling one gets when its water water everywhere which makes you want to scream with all your might!!! That stress-free feeling when one gets when the water from the shower trickles down your face,around the corners of your mouth as you screeeeeaaaam to you hearts content is truly unsurpassable! I guess people
ought to do without all those stress busters for a change and try this new technology stress-busting solution one day - absolutely no side-effects (ahem,neighbours should be bribed) , pollution-free and just-free :-)

These days my personal top chartbusters are all by the ever-loved-sad-faced-constant-stub-decaying-cap Himesh Reshmiya. Though I haven't been able to imitate his nasal voice exactly,I am pretty much close to it and am sure by the time he finds an answer as to why he is he so sad 24 hours a day,I would have got the art of nasal-singing perfect. My effort to perfection began when I realised to my pleasant surprise that Himesh Reshmiya songs had a surreal feel to it when sung in a bathroom! From then,there was no looking back ... And boy!am glad!

Result ? No more monday more hair dandruffs... no chip-chip-baal ... no more sar dards.....hahah..just
kidding... ;-)