Friday, June 16, 2006

Sounds in the Silence..

Sounds too serious ? well..that was my objective indeed. The past few days ( weeks,to be precise) have seen lots of manky posts here in my blog that I badly wanted the eyebrows of my readers to quirk up reading this topic atleast (Oh,she has
managed to get hold of some serious stuff at last??).. ! And just in case your eye brows are still in that awkwardly position much above where they were originally designed to be ,please relax..."Sounds in the Silence" has nothing to do with
philosophy,psychology,and absolutely nothing to do with how sound travels in air(thats the wildest you could have imagined!).

Imagine yourself in a dark room with no windows and doors(sorry,no matchsticks,torches,cell phones..if that sucking idea came to your mind!).You are all alone.No trail of any food.And the air smells of particularly nothing.I guess that rules out the use of a majority of our primary senses - sight,touch,taste and smell. Which means we are left with the sense of hearing alone. Those tiny,unassuming sounds which would have otherwise got lost in the plethora of noises that life can offer starts
looming up big in the growing silence breaking it mercilessly. I know I am technically wrong when I say "in the growing silence"..cos a silence is no longer a silence when we have noise. But these noises I am referring to are seemingly so tiny that anybody would agree its wrong to assume they can disturb the allow it to be at the centre stage...and then the whole picture changes!

Think of the day how the low hum of the mosquitoes in the night drove you so mad that you dind't sleep a wink through out the night ! Or that leaky tap in the kitchen sink which would drip with amazing precision distracting you so severely when you are burning the midnight lamp on the eve of your semester exams.. Not to say the creaky doors in the rainy nights which screeches reluctantly in the eerie silence of the dark.. Would you really have noticed them in the broad daylight amidst the

And then there are the good gentle sounds which bring in such a soothing effect on your nerves and that you drown in their simple melody. The soft thuds of a gentle shower beating on the window panes.. or that of a singing kettle as it boils water.
Sometimes the silence of the starry nights in itself is a wonderful sound... making you feel like a little child in its defeaning magnificence ,yet secure and safe in the cradle of nature.

And I wonder why would these tiny noises have to shed their grandeur in the day !!!!


carreen said...

This sounds like my english text- 'The hum Of insects' by Robert Lynd!

carreen said...

And by the way- Try as you might living in a city means no silence ( complete silence) ever!!

Sreeram said...

Aha! Good one indeed.

Welcome to the world of psychology, "the writer". Some simple thumb rules:
"Your eyes see what you want to see"
"Your ears hear what you want to hear"
"You feel what you want to feel"

You want to find fault with me, you definitely will. You want to praise? oh! you sure will.

Now, where am I coming to? Lets get back to the exam n water droplets thingie. While you are burning the midnight oil (this is a more accepted idiom, unless you intended "lamp" in particular for some reason), whats it that your mind wants? "Get the hell outta this chair and jump into the bed!". At that point of time, your mind finds distractions, slightest is enough. It would say "Soorya, see... that tap is leaking and the noise is annoying... pls, get to bed! Theory of Automata and Data structures can wait, but not tonite's sleep"...

Now, think abt you doing something interesting (say, writing a blog (I know thats a fav thing of urs)). I am so darn sure that you will hear no trickling-tap, no door openings, nothing... You are focused, in the writing more than anything else.

I am no great psychologist, but I think just like you have signal-to-noise ratio in Sig processing, there should be something like focus-to-distraction ratio in psychology.

Now, lemme focus! I have a job to keep ;)... Good work! keep it coming...

soorya said...

thanks sreeram..for sharing ur views here. wat u said reg the psychology rule is valid in many instances...A person cannot be distracted only if he so damn focussed on something..otherwise,i guess all the distractions can waver his attention...

Sreeram said...

Oh! yeah.

And oh! the word "focus" scares the crap outta me. My prof would want me do that, every single day :).

Well, now... with the b'day of "the writer" coming quick and fast, whats plans??

sandeep said...

only one thing to say.. :)


Sandeep Sadanandan said...

This seems to be very small issue. Vishamikkanda, pathiya pathiye shariyaayikkolum. Ippo venalkkalamallae... aaa choodinte prashnama...

- Sands

Rat said...

>aaraa ?
njaan oru paavam vazhipokkanaaney..
>athinithu pothu vazhi alle ?
athondu povvaaney...