Thursday, March 19, 2009

Take me..

Have been dreaming of a holiday since last week.
Am tired of seeing purvas, shobhas and rohans standing brushing one another's shoulder, looking gray and dull, with hundreds of match-boxes style houses...

Take me,

Where the grass is still green & moist with dew...

Where the roads don't lead to junction with signals..

Where the end of the rainbow is visible

Where the spring is a celebration.

Where shady trees meet..

Where you spend time blowing bubbles..

Where you notice that red flower among the yellows..

Where you walk hand-in-hand with your best friend, and its not exercise!

Where flowers don't have garbage dumped on them...

Where houses are painted pretty-pretty...

Where roads lead to nowhere, yet make a great journey...

Image Courtesy : flickr Creative Commons.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Paper boat

Gentle push
by loving hands.
Rhythmic nudge
by docile waters.

Shining sun
to keep it company.
Set sail

And then
Wind blew.
Rains lashed.
Currents swept.

Caught unaware
by God's rage
the wet paper boat
fought all night.

And its no more.
Thats right.
For, have you ever heard
paper boats getting lucky?