Friday, March 13, 2009

Paper boat

Gentle push
by loving hands.
Rhythmic nudge
by docile waters.

Shining sun
to keep it company.
Set sail

And then
Wind blew.
Rains lashed.
Currents swept.

Caught unaware
by God's rage
the wet paper boat
fought all night.

And its no more.
Thats right.
For, have you ever heard
paper boats getting lucky?


amalbose said...

sad ending..
does that mean some people are destined to fail..always??

Ammu said...

i think thats the life cycle of a paper different from ours .In eyes of superior beings even we r paper boats right?

Vimal Gasper said...

entha praya... ellam sariyakkum...

Soorya said...

@amalbose : No, its not that way. when our opponents are obviously much more powerful than we are, we tend to fail. And no magic shall prevent that.

@ammu : nice interpretation... great to know that u fell in the same line i was thinking :)

@gasper : hehehe :) gulika medichittundu ippo :D