Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Story of the Notorious Wedding Card...

I am only a week old, a simple colourful image file, created out of the fantasies of a young couple about to be married. It seems my creators did foresee that I will be popular with a lot of people and I would bring a smile to many a face during moments of boredom in between coding and compiling, even though I didn't have to serve them the purpose for which I was created. And well, I proved to be beyond their expectations of me !!

My creators named me okt-ver2,a humble name sans glamour, though I protested when I saw that my name contained a '-' ! So strange! No means of protest survived and I thought I would have to live my entire life with that name! But now I have lots of nick names, so many that even my creators themselves don't have a clue!

A couple of days after I was born, my creators let me loose into a new world.. it was a puzzling web initially,but later on, with God's blessings, I mastered the skill of wading through it. My creators had sent me to around 50 of their friends and I was to carry out the Mission-Invitation. I did that job wonderfully and everybody who saw me appreciated my work and I even managed to have a reasonably large fan following..(of course, without my creators knowledge! )

Soon, I met more nice people and made lots of new friends , who kept introducing me to atleast another 10 set of people every 5 minutes!!! My friends circle was growing at an alarming geometric progression that my creators started getting aware of my popularity! I was skeptical about how they would react about this unexpected popularity from all the four corners.. but they took it in their stride!

And today, I know not how many mailboxes I live in.. because my creators have lost count of the places I have visited! My creators must be missing me , but little do they know that I have kept coming back to them once in a while , though with a different name each time , to tell them that I am still alive and bringing a smile on more faces as I widen my network of friends...And to think I was created just for a handful of people alone!!!!

People leave behind memories when they die... My turn to leave also will come as soon my mission is done...in a month,to be precise..but am sure people who loved me will have a special place for me somewhere...always... Thank you,its been nice meeting all of you!!

Yours truly, okt-ver2.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

For you, Vaish and Malu..

Most of my posts on this blog have been reminiscences of my childhood. And it goes without saying that my friends in school, without their knowledge, played a role in making me the person I am. Infact , there might not be anything significant looking at it in a glance, but from a closer perspective, you realise how much those small changes they made out of you are still carried along in your persona. Probably, these small changes are your distinguishing attribute today that people identify you with. This post is a small dedication to all my friends I have had until now to show them how much they have meant to me and specifically targeted at two people in my life for whom the tag "My Best Friends" is only an understatement - Dedicated to Vaish and Malu.

Galz, I know its been a looong time since we cuddled together for a warm chat catching up on the latest of the latest of things under the sun, but those memories still linger fresh in my mind.. Am very very sorry that I am posting our loony-toony thoughts and embarrassingly funny ideas on this blog, but I thought this was the best way to get nostalgic! :-) So start turning pink.... :-))

Remember galz, when somebody asked about our friendship we used to make sure one of us
mentioned this vital stats without fail that "Our friendship,you know, dates back to 1989 !! " and how we loved to watch in eager the expression on the listeners face doing atleast 5 rounds of change from an "hmm" to " ohhh??" to "wow" to "thats cool" to "going green with jealousy" to "ohh,they are so proud" !!! The "going green with jealousy" was our fave among them :-)) Even if this emotion wasn't evident (for the plain reason that it was absent!) we would imagine that everybody would get jealous at that statement!!! lolz..! And remember how the teachers would ask us "Where is the third of the trimurthi?? " when one of us stayed back in class ??

Any idea how many pranks we have played on the poor librarians??? Vaish, I know you might be praying from the bottom of your heart that I shouldn't mention about the embarrassing incident when you placed the Nancy Drew you borrowed from the library on one of the cycles of God-alone-knows-who only to find the cycle missing after we returned..and you lied to T* Sir that you had returned the book to him on Wednesday evening... You sounded so convincing to even Malu and me who knew the truth very well that no wonder T* sir relented in the end and actually said " Oh yes...I rememeber..Vaishnavi,You did return the book on wednesday and I probably didn't update the register" !!! Vaish , you still retain the crown for the Best Liar I have ever met!!!

And remember those after-school Club Activities hours.. when we would wait for that one painfully long hour of painting to get over so that we can run through the dark verandahs in the school playing Hide-n-Seek and Help? And remember how we all used to desert A* in the game by making him the seeker always coz we thought he was too irritating?? And during one of those days the three of us somehow got away from the rest of the kids when we stopped to drink some water and Malu got so drunk (yes guys, Just plain H2O ! ) that she fell on the floor and was later found dancing to a Suneil Shetty number "oh jaaneman " ??

And I think it was during one of those after-school club activities days while we munched away those (banned) yummy paruppuvadas (made out of "unhygienic oil, don't have it children" - or so claimed by A* ma'am ,who nevertheless had 2 of them everyday at sharp 11 AM ) wrapped in newspaper from our very own 5* Manju Tea Stall that we decided we will have a reunion , just the three of us, in the year 2010, on Dec 25th at nowhere but Manju Tea Stall ! What of that galz ?? :D

And how we loved to imitate our teachers... especially the way P* sir said"Portiaaaa ...hmmm..portia ki umar shaayad pachaas teekh rahegi .." and greyed out my hair entirely for the Shakespeare play for the Annual Day despite me screaming in protest .."Sirrr....Portia is married just nowwwwww...She is young!!" And what about those series of humorous characters ,better known in school as Social Science teachers... remember S* ma'am, who at the thought of her upcoming wedding went to a shopping spree, only to buy a hand-bag looking half like a pomeranian pup and half like a snow man , and looking the least like a hand-bag of a school teacher!! I remember Vaish blushing and answering "Sunsilk,ma'am " when she asked her "Which shampoo do you use Vaishnavi ?" !!!! And the way she used to start every History class with her trade marked sentence "Bachon, aaj me tumhe itihaas ek kahani ke roop me sunaathi hoo ..puraaaaaaane kaal me jab bhaarath me aarya log rehthe the tab bharath me chaaaaaaar varg the... brahman,kshatreeya,vaish aur shoodra..isme braahman.. " zzzzzzzzz.... :-)) What about her successor L* ma'am who resembled a horse when she got angry!

Remember those times we got sooooo jealous when MK* ma'am ignored us completely in the English periods and showered all her attention on A* ?? And we vowed we would come up with better ideas for our activities ..much better than A*'s :-) , and we believed (hoped!) secretely she still had a soft corner for us and that she was just not showing it out! It wouldn't be fair on my part to skip a mention about the Hindi classes by S* Sir! I remember how everything would just vapourize away from our heads and we would jsut be blinking away when he asks us a question, his eyes gleaming with terror !!! And remember all those times we ended up writing essays as impositions " only 500 times, before 3 o' clock " even though we knew the answer but had gone into a paralysis when the hand was pointed at us followed by a thundering "You" !!!

Okie, lets not mumble about our teachers now...we did love them a lot for whoever they are ! :-) And galz, I wonder what happened to our "Dead Man's Path" , the banned shortcut to the library where you had to duck your heads as we pass in front of princi's office enroute! Not to mention that deserted machine in the play ground which had enough nooks and hideouts for us to play hide-n-seek ! Of course, I remember that sapling we had all planted together on Vanamahotsava. The mud was so dirty that it was stinking and we were very close to our guess about a toilet being in its vicinity, but after all that effort, I still remember the wide smiles we had on our faces when we watered it! I guess it must have become a tree by now !

Do you remember how we used to read only "fat" books so that we could score atleast 5 point in one go to earn the Reading Habit Award?? Or those moments of Shivaji-Raman-Tagore-Asoka House competitions! Can't forget those Annual Day Drama practices... the secret crushes we have had,followed by the crush-failures(!!).... how we took turns when only 2 were allowed in one bench and one of us had to move out and sit with Ms A*.. how we returned home after a good 8 hours spent talking in school , yet found something new to talk on the phone from five in the evening to seven !! And how my mom scolded me for keeping the phone busy (those days we didn't have that "Press 2" option to keep somebody on hold...all mommy could hear for hours was the familiar bugging beeeeeeeeeeeep beeeeeeeep!!)

Phew!!!! I could go on and on, coz there is still so much unsaid about the absent-minded Malu who used to cry so much initially for every single reason which used to scare us a little...Her eyes would go red and they would well up with tears,big blots streaming down her face while she screamed "I am NOT crying" :-)) (OK,I have to admit that later on she literally stopped crying and even when the whole class cried,she wouldn't and she would look at others with an expression that suggested crying was a sin !!) or the emotional Vaish who sometimes got too emotional that Malu and me were met with a tearful Vaish after our class-play about Brain-Drain in English class! May be a part 2 will follow... !!! Probably more parts!!! :-))) But I guess I should stop here ofr today!! Love you buddies, for all your gimmicks and love!!!! Ciao!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

And am Engaged!!!!

Its been a very long time since I used this space and I feel so sick thinking about it.. So today,being in a very carefree mood and more importantly, with no work to keep me from whiling away time, I thought i will use it to declare something important in here.

Rather than write about something, I thought I can write about someone today : Me :-) and whats going on in my life these days!

Btw Readers, the other day I got engaged :-)) I know, I sound like as if I said "The other day I went for Casino Royale" . But then, its true :-D ,believe me, I did get engaged..lolz!!! Also,I request you to read "The Other Day" as Oct 29th, almost a month ago!

The guy is ...well...err...never mind :-) And though I know its a little late and it should have happened when I was in Std 9th itself (I think I have mentioned this in one of my previous post) , am relieved that its finally happened ;-)And yeah, see my ring.... :-)

Monday, October 09, 2006

Macrophotography Lessons from Sand :-))))

" The Complete Man "

Howzzat?? That's from Sand's shirt !!

" Ma'am's name in bold " :-)

Guess what that is... its my key chain with my name on it. And its placed on his denims ..Cool effect na?

" Time and tide waits for none "

Sand's watch :-))

" Smoking is injurious to health "

Naah,my guy doesn't smoke ;-) This cigarette butt was the first thing that caught our eyes when we were hunting for our prey ...

Photos Courtesy and "Its-mine"-selfish-child-syndrome (read Copyright :D) : Sandeep (more photos at sandeepgnair.blogspot.com)

PS - Sand, don't forget the chocolates for this publicity ;-)

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

മലയാളത്തില്‍ ഒരു ബ്ലോഗ്..

ഇതു നോക്കൂ.. ഞാന്‍ മലയാളത്തില്‍ എഴുതുവാ.. ഹാഹാ ..കൊല്ലാല്ലോ വിടെോന്‍.. കൂടുതല്‍ എഴുതി
വളുപ്പാക്കുന്നില്ലാട്ടോ ..പോട്ടെ.. അല്‍പ്പം പണി ചെയ്യട്ടെ ..പിന്നെ കാണാം ട്ടോ ..

Friday, September 22, 2006

Time for some thought...

The other day I watched "United 93" with friends.Needless to say,it was a nice movie.Theme was excellent,casting was well done since none of the actors were "heros" , they were just actors and a movie like "United 93" needed exactly that - pure actors. It was fast paced,the kind of movie you would readily tag as "on-the-edge-of-the-seat"-er.

I found this one particular scene in the movie really thought-provoking (Well,to tell the truth, I got some food for thought,rather,food for some thought which I couldn't make out what!) .

There is this time in the movie when the hijackers are in the cockpit franctically trying their best to reach their target on time and they are losing hope. The guy flying the plane is profusely sweating and the veins on his forehead are jutting out,taut. The tension on his face is so overwhelming. He is seen uttering some prayer under his breath while he tries to maneouvre the plane. The camera zooms in and you can make out his lips quivering with the Arabic words, praying out to Almighty Allah.

In the next second, the camera is focussed on a passenger in the hijacked plane - an elderly American woman, eyes tightly shut,also seen letting out a prayer through her lips, in English, calling out to the great Messiah of Christianity. The fear on her face shows on those thin lines on her forehead,sweat dotting her chin and palms held tightly to her hand rest.

The pair of scenes was a cry of irony! One, praying to the God to help him in destruction and other, knowingly or unknowingly,praying to the SAME God to thwart this plan of destruction and help her and her friends get to safety.

I didn't know what conclusion I will be able to come to , if I thought on this line,or whether I would be able to come to any at all. But I was certain about one thing, the famous one-liner "God is one" so commonly seen all around is not just a simple sentence that you can teach a 6 year old about. Its disheartening to note that we human beings would keep underestimating its value forever....

Thursday, September 21, 2006

A Woman's Poem

I hate this Ctrl-C Ctrl-V strategy,atleast in my blog! But for once, I couldn't resist doing it :-)

This poem is so funny!

He didn't like the curry
And he didn't like my cake.
He said my biscuits were too hard...
Not like his mother used to make.
I didn't prepare the coffee right
He didn't like the stew,
I didn't mend his socks
The way his mother used to do.
I pondered for an answer
I was looking for a clue.
Isn't there anything I could do
To match his mothers shoe
Then I smiled as I saw light
One thing I could definitely do
I turned around and slapped him tight...
Like his mother used to !!!!!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

To my Very Special Blog Readers..


Its an 'IT' Onam..and a typical one,I must say.

--> Though my PG-mates and owner had plans to celebrate Onam and lessen the woes of missing our homes, the plans didn't kick-off all that well due to the time constraints faced by atleast 10-15 BPO/IT employees there. So, going with the trends of the BPO age, we also decided to have a US-time sadya (thats at around 9:30 PM) when all of us(most of us!) will be present.

--> Woke up as early as 5:30 AM to have my bath and get dressed in kasavu saree..That was fun.And though I took some time to tame my fresh sari, in the end I managed to look presentable enough and more importantly, the whole effort was from my side alone! Now wonder whats "IT" in this...any guesses...yeah,right...mallu lass in kasavu sari alright,but with an ID tag and access card dangling from the neck which would "beep-beep" when shown against a magnetic card reader.

--> Had a small pookalam in PG today. In office, I was going through my mails when I came across this wish from a friend of mine with an attach atham.exe . A flash application that filled your screen with its bright colours. There were concentric circles and few neat geometric patterns within the circles in synch. To the right you had 6 different coloured flowers to choose from and fill in the geometric patters with flowers and voila, as the catchy 'IT' slogan goes.. Your Athapoo is just a click away..

--> Am looking forward to the Thiruvathirakali tonight in our BPO/IT PG. I won't be surprised if I notice an 'IT' element there as well !!! Will let you know soon.

Meanwhile, I have already begun waiting for my next Onam... :) Onnoode Onaashamsakal !! Cya Around!!

Friday, September 01, 2006

The Onam-ish Itch is Back..

The strong desire to get back home to be with your family..

The beauty of watching the Gods own country in its coyness after a fresh Monsoon shower...

The delight of seeing "Athapoo" (flower carpets) artistically displayed in houses..

The Mallu damsels getting ready to be in their best kasavu sarees..

The delicacies laden plantain leaf ...

Uhhmm....The familiar annual Onam-ish itch is back and you are your Mallu-best!

In whatever nook of the world you are, those Mallu-strings in your heart gently start tugging by now and reaches a feverish pitch by Thiruvonam .. so much that people like me,who is spending this year's Onam at work tends to give vent to the frustration blogging on Onam !

So hows this Onam going to be different? I can come up with three good reasons...

1) This is going to be my first Onam staying away from home and instead,staying with bugs and C++ codes. (and obviously,am not very happy about it).

2) And incidently,my first Onam after I started earning .

3) My last Onam as a single ;-) and as a result, the last Onam when I won't be devoting my "talents" for the room called kitchen! (Yep,I plan to cook the entire set of delicacies same time next year!!! ) :-)

And three good ways I plan to be happy this Onam --

1) Wear a kasavu saree to office if I can accomplish the herculean task in atmost 3 successful attempts (??).

2) Eat Kerala food from office even if it means walking all the way to the van across the road through the campus and waiting in a long queue even as early as 12:00 noon.

3) Can my readers suggest something...?

Onaashamsakal !

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Why The World Needs Pluto..

The brouhaha about Pluto's demotion in the past week has become a cause of worry for school teachers,reports a popular news paper. True,imagine the scene when the kids will shoot all those questions on their poor science teachers!!! Worse still, imagine all the 10 yr olds bringing back their previous year's annual exam papers asking for those extra marks cos now their answer to "There are -- number of planets in our solar system" has been proved right by miracle !!!

Me thinks its not just the plight of school teachers or astronomers that is a cause of worry..There is this another set of equally dedicated star gazers who have been hit by shock waves cos of the ruling by the world's top astronomers to boot Pluto from the planet category - The Astrologers ,who are now pondering how this turn of events might affect our moods, our lucky numbers and our chances of getting a date!

Will my future change now?? Will I become a doctor now that the 8th House in the myriad of squares in my 'horrorscope' is left blank??? Or will it be occupied by some female like "Xena" ??

Because my worry got the better of me,I decided to seek help from google and try to understand how much pluto (or the lack of it) will affect me and boy! I was shocked... Listen to what a website told me.. "Though it is smaller in size, its energy is enormous. Pluto governs complete transformations, death, the underworld, volcanoes and deep spiritual matters " This was the lesser severe of the lot.Other websites told me even more brutual details about how much the tiny planet has influence on our lives that I was almost sobbing away "Pluto,I will miss you!!" in a true bollywood 'ishtyle'.

The only way to find out the answer would be to ask our palmist who sits on the road side grinning away oblivious of the Pluto-ruckus and no points for guessing his reply.."I can tell you only if you give me money" :-)))) Now thats a sensible answer ;-)

I will miss you, Pluto!! Take Care!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Confessions of an Embarrassed Mind

>Everybody would have had childhood fantasies and crazy thoughts.. Penning them in a blog for the world to see would be the most embarassing thing,but I guess I can dare to do it ;-)
Few among the craziest which I remember are..

1) I thought that the seats made out of bricks in the railway stations were used to bury people if they died waiting for a train in the railway stations! Still worse,I used to think it was so mannerless of people to sit on other's graves!!

2) I thought being a "Bank Manager" was the highest point of anybody's career... whether you be a teacher,a doc or an employee of the bank! I remember arguing with my dad when he asked me to do something I really didn't feel like doing saying
"You are not a Bank Manager..then why should I be listening to your orders!"

3) My school was still in its infant stages when I joined KVK in the 1st Std. It had classes only till the 9th Std then. And as per my 7 yr old database, that became the last phase of one's education. I didn't hesitate to tell my parents and neighbours that
"After 9th Std, marriage" :-)) A puzzled dad (or may be worried?? ;-) ) asked me to repeat what I had just announced and I was the least hesitant to do it! All of them roared with laughter I remember,and I obviously found the joke unintelligible then.Atleast now I don't ;-)

4) This was not during my childhood...it was during my early teens. I thought God had accidently "endowed" me with pheromones cos one day I tried to shoo away a frog and it kept following me wherever I go for another one and half hour until I
got so terrified that I trapped it under a bucket!
Another instance which almost confirmed my belief was cos of the lizard that used to live beneath the tube light in our dining room. The identification mark was the black mole on its back.I christened it Venky (I don't remember why!). Venky used to come out from his abode whenever I sat on my chair in the dining table.And was that a smile! I thought so ;-) One more classic observation was that Venky loved it when I hummed Hindi songs.And when I tried few English songs,it used to turn its back at me and hide behind the tube light again. Being the smart kid I was,I wasn't letting go of the research with just that. I would sing a line from one of the Hindi songs followed by a line in English and alternating it...the expected behaviour was Venky would come out,Venky would go back,Venky would come out... alas.. :-)

I guess I revealed too much already! I am not all that courageous to go on.. ;-)

Now buzz off... I ain't spoiling my reputation :-))


Monday, July 10, 2006

"I am" Tagged!!!!

Tagged by Rat when I was running out of topic for my blog...So lets see how this goes...

I am thinking about ---- lots of things actually.. how to get even with Rat for "I"-tagging me, wondering whether to really google out what "tagging " is all about and its origin just to make sure it wasn't invented by YABSE ( yet-another-bored-software engineer) during his working hours .. and right now,wondering how the heck I am to fill this up!

I said------------------- Two bee or not two bee... may be three bees :-)

I want------------------- If my wants were countable, God himself would have fuflilled atleast 10 of them every day for the next 20 years. Alas, not so. At this split second,I want the guy who is whistling around in the next cubicle to stop that unearthly noise mistakingly branded as "talent" by him!

I miss------------------- unniappams!!!

I wish------------------- Life had a keyboard where I can safely hit Ctrl-Z rather than hit my head and exclaim "ohhh **** " when I am in a mess!

I hear------------------- people typing away on their keyboards...

I wonder---------------- if God really created so many different looking people all this while,he must be an expert with permutations!!! And he never got tired!!!! whoa!!!

I regret----------------- all my culinary adventures!!!!

I am-------------------- Who I am!!!

I dance ----------------- Sorry,I looked it up in the dictionary and to my dismay,it said "An artistic form of nonverbal communication" ... three things contradicting my nature here - "artistic" , "non-verbal" , "communication" ( I guess with an invisible prefix - "sensible" ). And you thought I would be happy to shatter my reputation???
I sing------------------- strictly within the four walls of my bathroom , that too ,only after I made sure that the walls were absolutely sound-proof !

I cry-------------------- (sob)(weep) during movies ;-)

I make with my hands --- Moo Goo Gai Pan .. wondering what it is.. Well,I had a hard time fishing out such a mouth-watering-delight from google.. it says "fresh mushrooms with sliced chicken"... I guess that would do for an amateur cook like me?

I write------------------- the worst of poems, too scary to be read even by myself ! Makes me wonder if my ancestors would include Shelley!

I confuse---------------- at times,myself !

I need------------------- to go home once more this month..at any cost!!! Am missing home!!!

I should-----------------stop thinking that my PJs are awesome and people are going to appreciate me sometime soon in future for this!
I start------------------ my day looking at myself in the mirror and shake my head in disapproval " These mirrors! When are they going to change!! "

I finish----------------- my friend's share of chocolate before he/she even realises that he/she was destined to get a share!

Ciao !

Friday, June 16, 2006

Sounds in the Silence..

Sounds too serious ? well..that was my objective indeed. The past few days ( weeks,to be precise) have seen lots of manky posts here in my blog that I badly wanted the eyebrows of my readers to quirk up reading this topic atleast (Oh,she has
managed to get hold of some serious stuff at last??).. ! And just in case your eye brows are still in that awkwardly position much above where they were originally designed to be ,please relax..."Sounds in the Silence" has nothing to do with
philosophy,psychology,and absolutely nothing to do with how sound travels in air(thats the wildest you could have imagined!).

Imagine yourself in a dark room with no windows and doors(sorry,no matchsticks,torches,cell phones..if that sucking idea came to your mind!).You are all alone.No trail of any food.And the air smells of particularly nothing.I guess that rules out the use of a majority of our primary senses - sight,touch,taste and smell. Which means we are left with the sense of hearing alone. Those tiny,unassuming sounds which would have otherwise got lost in the plethora of noises that life can offer starts
looming up big in the growing silence breaking it mercilessly. I know I am technically wrong when I say "in the growing silence"..cos a silence is no longer a silence when we have noise. But these noises I am referring to are seemingly so tiny that anybody would agree its wrong to assume they can disturb the silence....unless...you allow it to be at the centre stage...and then the whole picture changes!

Think of the day how the low hum of the mosquitoes in the night drove you so mad that you dind't sleep a wink through out the night ! Or that leaky tap in the kitchen sink which would drip with amazing precision distracting you so severely when you are burning the midnight lamp on the eve of your semester exams.. Not to say the creaky doors in the rainy nights which screeches reluctantly in the eerie silence of the dark.. Would you really have noticed them in the broad daylight amidst the

And then there are the good gentle sounds which bring in such a soothing effect on your nerves and that you drown in their simple melody. The soft thuds of a gentle shower beating on the window panes.. or that of a singing kettle as it boils water.
Sometimes the silence of the starry nights in itself is a wonderful sound... making you feel like a little child in its defeaning magnificence ,yet secure and safe in the cradle of nature.

And I wonder why would these tiny noises have to shed their grandeur in the day !!!!

Friday, June 09, 2006

The Secret of a Melodious Bath

I have wondered what is it about the bathrooms that inspire you to howl and crown oneself a "Fantabulous Bathroom Singer" however badly you sing(howl)..If my memory hasn't already begun to falter, I have been an incorrigible bathroom singer right from the days I could manage to utter sounds and so would most of us I guess..What began with "twinkle twinkle little star" gradulally evolved(and is still evolving) to a grand orchestra,full with surround and feels-like-woofers effect which unfortunately,is not loved by peace-loving souls living in my neighbourhood!

Its probably got to do with the echo inside them..or is it the rhythmic sound of water splashing from the shower that sends your "melody bone" tickling..May be its just the "freaky" feeling one gets when its water water everywhere which makes you want to scream with all your might!!! That stress-free feeling when one gets when the water from the shower trickles down your face,around the corners of your mouth as you screeeeeaaaam to you hearts content is truly unsurpassable! I guess people
ought to do without all those stress busters for a change and try this new technology stress-busting solution one day - absolutely no side-effects (ahem,neighbours should be bribed) , pollution-free and just-free :-)

These days my personal top chartbusters are all by the ever-loved-sad-faced-constant-stub-decaying-cap Himesh Reshmiya. Though I haven't been able to imitate his nasal voice exactly,I am pretty much close to it and am sure by the time he finds an answer as to why he is he so sad 24 hours a day,I would have got the art of nasal-singing perfect. My effort to perfection began when I realised to my pleasant surprise that Himesh Reshmiya songs had a surreal feel to it when sung in a bathroom! From then,there was no looking back ... And boy!am glad!

Result ? No more monday blues...no more hair loss...no dandruffs... no chip-chip-baal ... no more sar dards.....hahah..just
kidding... ;-)

Friday, May 12, 2006

Murphy's Laws vs Murphy's Loss

Long long ago,so long ago,nobody knows how long ago,there lived a girl,thats you, who was a great follower of Murphy. Especially his law "If anything can go wrong,it will".

Mistake #1 : There is this great mail which claims that your MSN inbox will grow astronomically if you follow the steps given. Playing the role of the Good Samaritan,you decide to forward it to your cousin brother Mr.abc d xyz.

Mistake #2 : (The biggest and the most-deciding mistake (a.k.a factor) ) Its a common belief that there are 9 other (wo)men around the world like you. After the theory got customized to be compatible with the 21st century IT world,it reads "There MIGHT be people (number varies) around the world who MIGHT have only semi-different name as yours(say abc d,in our case),but under certain circumstances ,would find it no harm to create an e-mail address which would resemble your name (ie, abcgxyz@gmail.com,probably because xyz was a common surname) " Btw,this belief could also explain why you got the message saying the e-mail id was already in use when you tried to create a fresh one in your name.

Mistake #3 : You don't exactly remember the mail id of Mr.abc d xyz cousin of yours..and since being over-smart was a default nature embedded in you since birth, you think its one of
--> abcdxyz@gmail.com (reasoning : he had another id like abcdxyz@yahoo.com)
--> abcxyz@gmail.com(reasoning : the 'd' seems out of place)
--> abcdx@gmail.com (reasoning : thats a common strategy right?)
Mistake #4 : Since "inkie-pinkie-ponkie" has been your all-time-reliable-shoulder to lean on when in dilemma (in this case - a 'tri'lemma?), you don't think twice before chanting it aloud. And lo and behold, after two strenuous round of elimination, emerges winner.
Mistake #5 : Simple and short ,also the most threatening - The mail was decided to be sent to abcdxyz@gmail.com from you@yahoo.com
Mistake #6 : You think all is well.
Mistake #7 : On a mail-check,you come across a reply to the one previously sent. You decide to open it and read.
Mistake #8 : You read it. (This is classified as a different mistake from #7 coz #7 was a mistake with decision and #8 was a mistake with action. :-D )
Mistake #9 : "Who is this?? I don't know you". You laugh out loud and tell yourself "Haha, I know Mr abc d xyz is trying to fool me" :-))..And yeah,you laugh louder...louder..
Mistake #10 : You reply - "Its meeeeeeeeee".. Informative indeed! Wikipedia wouldn't have performed that answering as well as you!
Mistake #11 : He replies "Who is meeeeeeeee??From what I can make out,you seem to be a student..blah blah.. ". And you still think Mr abc d xyz is fooling you,especially since he has delivered all the right info about you. Still... :-(
Until now, it had been Murphy's Laws all the way,stealing all the glitter and glamour of the show - things going wrong...followed by more things going wrong..followed by even more things going wrong...Will something go right please?

And then Murphy's Loss(To expand,Murphy's Laws's Loss,the second word being silent) comes into action...
If anything can go right,it might...
< Curtains raise>
<New Friend_Request name="xyz_dlmn" Accept_request="0">
< Status >

Pending...viewing profile...thinking....trying to recognize....no way...whoz this guy in picture??....wrack your brains.....no way...no brains found...oops...!!
Cerebellum crashed...restart machine...think again..."aiyyyo....ithu lavan...aano? appo matte lavan alle e lavan alle a lavan alle e lavan???? e lavan e(lectronic)- lavan aanu...a lavan ende cousin aanu...athu ve,ithu re ..ippo technique pidi kitti...
Once again proved that you are the greatest dumbo ever to have been born! Anyways, apology ,mail sent to xyz_dlmn for mailing to his id thinking it was abc d xyz's.
Change Accept_request to 1(why?zimbly..for fun).
</New Friend Request>

<chat_window name="abc_dlmn">

you : hi there! how are u?
he : hi..am fine..and u?
you : me too...that was extremely hilarious incident..don't u think so? :-D .. right mails landing in wrong inbox!! am sorry for the mess...!
he : thats ok..so tell me something abt urself..
you : blah blah blah..
he : blah blah blah..
he : ok,me gotta run now...bye..nice talking to u...cya sometime soon...
you : same here! bye!


<caller name="you">

you : hi :-)
he : hi :-)
you : blah blah
he : blah blah
</ Scene#3>
< members name1="abc dlmn" name2="you">

you : hi :-)
he : hi :-)
you : blah blah
he : blah blah
<Movie name="Hum Apke he Kaun">
<members name1="abc dlmn" name2="you">

you : hi :-)
he : hi :-)
you : blah blah
he : blah blah
</ members>
</Movie >
< Scene#6>
wat next? to be done... ;-)
<Scene#7 >
wat next? to be done... ;-)
things go on....
And they lived happily ever-after??? ;-) To hell with Murphy's Laws...
Bottom line : If anything can go right,it will...
</Curtains raise>

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

What thou speaketh is English?

Haven't you faced situations in life where you wished you could have rolled on the floor with laughter,but since the butt of the joke is usually somebody much superior to you in the heirarchy,you have had to submerge those giggles and at the same time prevent your face from turning pink in the effort.

I remember an incident way back in the first year of my engineering days.All of us were attending our first class in the mechanical workshop. Everybody looked curiously at all the gigantic machines around us and for people like me who happen to be both vertically and horizontally challenged,it was only natural to let out a silent prayer to Lord Vignesha, hoping that these metallic giants would cooperate with me when I need them to.

Having sensed our uneasiness in the presence of machines equalling twice our height,the tutor,with an air of superiority,cleared his throat and began with the rules and regulations to be followed in the lab. "First and foremost,if you ignore the machine,don't work the machine"..

All of us quirked our eyebrows..what was that? Somebody dared to ask.."Sir...?Excuse me..but..could you repeat what you said?"..By then everybody had a smile on their faces..growing at an amazing rate to an endless laughter against which our bodies were fighting a battle in vain. But nobody dared to laugh...except this single guy,oops,and he was sent out :-)
At times people speak English in the most idiotic way ,seemingly non-idiotic to them that we are at a loss to decide whether to laugh or act as though you didn't notice anything wrong! You get the message clear and loud,so does everybody....but... :-D
Reminds me of this bird watcher friend of my brother,with whom he had frequent and interesting correspondences. His clumsy broken English sentences even managed to be humour laden.And the best part of it was,being a nature-lover that he is, nobody got suprised when he signed off as "Yours naturally,XYZ" :-D
And as a foot note,in case you thought such incidents occured due to the lack of education.. look at how education ruined this sweet 6 yr old girl in my neighbourhood. What she said about her pregnant mom one day sent both my mom and me laughing to death that the little girl was almost close to tears for having been teased! "Mommy said,its a bull in her tummy..." chirped the innocent girl. My mom and me gave each other quizzical looks.I pressed on.."Bull? She told you that? But how can a bull get inside your mom's tummy?" She couldn't understand what was it in her statement that I didn't follow.So with great deal of patience she explained.."Seeeee....mommy's tummy is big na? she told me..its a bull inside her tummy....u know..bull...bulllllllll.....not cowwwwwww....." Any comments ;-)

Friday, April 28, 2006


Sometimes I have wondered..
--> Why everybody looks beautiful when they smile?

--> Why everytime you question the existence of God ,He proves his existence making
impossible things possible?

--> Do bed-time stories and lullabies really put one to sleep?

--> Why does the phone take such a long time to ring when you are eagerly waiting for it to ring?

--> And when it finally does ring, why does it happen that most of the time its a wrong

--> Why do we have tears in our eyes after a good laugh?

--> Why does my bus come late when I am early and come early when I am late?

--> Why is it that even though you doodle your signature perfectly on every piece of paper you find near you when you are on the phone,but when it comes to signing 5 pages of a document,all your signatures end up looking entirely different?

--> Why is it that there is nothing interesting on the TV once the battle for the remote is over and you have won it?

To be contd.. (if there are not too many protests from my blog readers!!!)

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Sweet Nothings

Yesterday I chanced upon this mail about people and blood groups.It began very well giving an impressive statistics ( I believe 99% of all statistics are fake - pun intended ;-) ) saying O+ blood group people eat up almost 40% of the pie.Then came a table informing who can receive/donate blood from/to whom. Quite informative I thought. As I scrolled down, I was completely stupefied by what I read!

What I believed looked right out of a good encyclopedia really turned me down when I read those words in bold..."Now,read what your blood group says about you.." and then those familiar rows which would be type casting each one of us to one of them.

All of us receive such "type-casting" mails in dozens everyday...right from "What does your colour say about you.." to " What does your sleep posture say about you"...why stop at that..."what does how you dot your 'i's and cross your 't's say about you.."..."What does your Sun sign (and for that matter,moon sign,normal sign-I mean signature!sign,sine,cos,tan blah blah) say about you" .....Humphhh...So many things say so many things about you - and all entirely different :-D ,right??

What is strange is that even though you know its a total crappy stuff,you(includes me too!) eagerly scroll down to your "respective" row (got from either a simple look-up process or from tedious mathematical formulae involving everything form your date of birth to when the tyrannosaurus rex got extinct! )..and nod your head vigorously on reading each good thing that it mentions about you saying "Oh yeah,how true!!" and say "naah...thats the only mistake they made in assessing me" when it comes to your bad qualities!

Anyways,we got to admit its lot of fun! :-) And I would rather stop this musing with this happy note! Cheers..! Good Day..

PS : Now,in case you are curious and still hoping somebody would forward the blood-group mail to you, hold on - I can copy-paste that for you :-)

TYPE O You want to be a leader, and when you see something you want, you keep striving until you achieve your goal. You are a trend-setter, loyal, passionate, and self-confident. Your weaknesses include vanity and jealously and a tendency to be too competitive.

TYPE A You like harmony, peace and organization. You work well with others, and are sensitive, patient and affectionate. Among your weaknesses are stubbornness and an inability to relax.

TYPE B You're a rugged individualist, who's straightforward and likes to do things your own way. Creative and flexible, you adapt easily to any situation. But your insistence on being independent can sometimes go too far and become a weakne ss.

TYPE AB Cool and controlled, you're generally well liked and always put people at ease. You're a natural entertainer who's tactful and fair. But you're standoffish, blunt, and have difficulty making decisions.

Friday, April 21, 2006

A-Z Bangalore - Enjoy Maadi..

A for Appukuttan Nair
B for BMTC
C for Compilation errors
D for Deadlines!!!
E for E-mails
F for (The) Forum

G for Green City Clean City
H for yeah,no points for guessing the right answer,its Hosur road
I for Information Technology
J for J2EE???
K for "Kannada Gothilla" :-)
L for Lalbagh Flower Show
M for Mallus...you will find them everywhere here!
N for Network Busy
O for Oh My God,it crashed again!

P for Paying Guests
Q for Queue Please
R for Radio Cityyyyyy....91 FM
S for Sukh Sagar,Shanthi Sagar and the sea of other Sagars..
T for Traffic ,traffic,,,,
U for Uh-oh..well.....you see..
V for Virus Alert!
W for Windows is shutting down..Saving your personal settings..
X for Well,this is left for the Blog readers... :-D
Y for Yipee!Today is Friday!
Z for Zoom-in (+) Zoom Out (-)

Have a nice day!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

What Happens on a Boring Day...Mission Makeover.

Let me tell you something I discovered very recently.The height of stupidity of your actions on a particular day is directly proportional to the degree of boredom on that day.And I haven't yet found out the relation between the degree/extent of disasters caused due to this stupidity and the number of times you have thought Murphy's Laws are to be used only with jokes!
It had been a nice lazy holiday.Having woken up very late in the morning,I was getting those "How do I spend the rest of the day" blues by ten. Watching Tv was not a bad option.But true to my ways,I started getting restless. Glancing at the mirror on my way back to my room lit a bulb in my head... Back in the room,my only other roomie who had a holiday too was busy on the phone.
I took a skeptic look at myself in the mirror."Mirror,mirror on the wall,who is the prettiest of all??"..that was a dramatic-Me! But no reply.The hair of the person in the mirror looked like a dull mass of hornet's nest,eyes too lifeless..the material looked mirror-cracking .Having examined the sordid image,I rummaged through my chest of draw.. took my hair brush (I will say it a thousand times-a good brush,good one,very good one,very very good one!!!) and "sorted out" the chaos.
By then another curious roomie had joined in what I had secretly named Mission Makeover. She got so excited by the thought of dressing me up that she got her entire make-up kit ready within seconds! What followed was a half an hour smearing-blending-more-smearing-and more blending of more than the 256-True Colour palette on my face.
A quick look at the mirror confirmed that things were going ultra-fine. And then it happened...thanks to Murphy,if anything can go wrong,it will. Having completed the "raid" in my draw,I quickly shifted to my friend's draw.A hair roller...yes..the perfect find. I carefully took out a handful of hair close to my forehead and gently rolled it on the hair roller...once..twice...thrice...and again...and...ouch...oops....oh no...godddddddd....damn it....I couldn't undo the rolls...the roller was stuck to my hair! "Nooooooo......." I screamed dramatically..and my friends came rushing towards me. After a fifteen minute merciless chortle,three "hair-experts" pounced on the roller,trying franctically to pull out the hair from it.And I was yelping like a wounded puppy cos yeah,it hurt me sooooooo much! :-((
Parachute hair oil, water,Sunsilk shampoo,Himalaya Protein Conditioner....everything failed to help us. The futility of the attempt was being realised as the clock ticked by...Matters were moving from bad to worse.One hour since the occurence of "the bright idea", I was surrounded by a grand audience echoing my yelps whenever my friend tugged at my hair. I realised that there was no way I could untangle my hair from the roller.Armed with a pair of scissors,my exhausted friend took one last look at the tangle and I heard the sweet sound-"swish-swash-swish-swash"....the scissors were working quickly.
That was the fitting finale of Mission Makeover.A fringe of hair falling on my face...so adamant that it wouldn't get pinned up into my pony tail.

Moral - Rolling brushes gather all the hair.So please be cautious.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Veendum Oru Vishu...

Innu Kerala New Year Vishu pramaanichu Malayalathil "blog"aan theerumaanichu..Ende ippraavishathe vishu bangalore_il thanne aayi..aadyaayittaanu vishu diwasam veettil ninnum maari nilkkunnathu.

Innale raathri kidakkunnathinu munbu athyaavisham nalla saadhanangal okke pillow_de side_il othukki vechittaanu kidannathu...raavile kannu thurakkumbol ormayode kaanane ennu praarthichittu kidannu.

Samayam 6:15...ende mobile goes beep beeep beeep beeeeeeeep...Reflex action pole mobile_il nokki.."Alarm off!!" "Snooze" ennokke paranju light minnunnu...Aiyyyooooo....vishu kani!!! Vegam kannadachu bed_il position cheythu kannu thurannu,to see the mirror...ende thottu purake oru nalla window aayathukondu sooryaprakashathil frame itta enne njan mirror_il kandu...(kandu ennu parayaam..aake frame maathrame kandollu!!) pinne pillow_de thaazhennu oru photo album eduthu..last page edukkunnathinu pakaram ormayillaathe 1st page eduthu...NSS College of Engineering ennu ezhuthiya valya building..ooops...thetti poyi..last page eduthu..hmmm...thank god..mom,dad and pj..:-D

Angane kure mistakes okke kazhinju vishu kani kandu.. Pinne chaadi odi pidanju marinju oru kuliyum b-fast_um kazhichu veendum chaadi odi bus stop_il ethi,just-miss aakenda bus_inde purake odi chaadi keri phew-huff-puff okke kazhinju settle aayi..office ethi..back to work...anganeyum oru vishu!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Fwd : Important,Must Read...!!

Reminds you of all the junk mails(not spam,mind ya!) you receive everyday from your closest of the closest friends,right? The ones you lovingly kill hitting the delete button ,sending them right away to their graves - ironically called the recycle bin ( do they actually get recycled? Like a life after death perhaps!!! )

Why do we go "grr.." seeing a forwarded mail ,at the same time hesitate once(no..twice?? or thrice..??) before hitting the delete button??? Why do we loathe at the sight of a forwarded message from a friend,but still make it a point to read it ,knowing very well that it might be the dirtiest PJ???

There have been different types of forwarded messages..the most favourite among them being the surd jokes and wildest one liner PJ's which begin like."Why did blah-blah do something blah-blah?"..and then it asks you to scroll down and down and down and down into the bottom of the earth with inspiring messages like "think..think" and "socho...zara socho yaar" strewn in between,trying their best to bring out the "genius" in you..but alas..after 26 frantic rotation of your scroll key on your mouse,you are left with a cardiac arrest!How come (and more importantly WHO IN THE HELL..) they come up with such absurd PJs!!!

And then there are the classic notorious "Send it to 10 people or you are doomed" versions of forwarded messages.Uggghhh....From Gayathri mantra,Chinese Totem to Love Magic (which claims that if you send it to 3 people,your bf will call you now,5 people- your bf will take you out for dinner,10 people-hold your breath,he might even propose!!! ) which secretly knows how to guess out to how many people you have mailed and perform the "appropriate magic" within oh-my-god-next-2-hours!!!!

Another class is a senti-stuff message...drive carefully,don't drink while driving..or you will face the fate of Martin (and the gory pictures of some person who has supposedly met with an accident).Spoils your day! But out of all this junk,there are few messages that really brighten up your day! When you very badly want a break and go through all those new forwarded messages that have landed
in your mailbox,you do hope and wait for that damn good joke which will send you rolling on the floor with laughter and prompt you to hit the "Forward" button-- and hence the chain continues :-)cheers!!!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

E for Emraan "Kissme" :-* !!!

Yesterday,one my friends commented that I write a lot of stuffs classified as
"unintelligible" by "lesser mortals" like him.So today,I am trying to safe-land on a zone which would hopefully be more intelligible-- the title must have been of some use to make a not-so-wild-guess as to what I might write about ;-)
The birth of this star occured when Bollywood was slowing its pace..movies were being churned out every second like in a factory..one after the other and painfully steroetyped. Hero meeting heroine,falling in love,dancing around trees,heroine's dad watching,heroine locked in room,dishoom dishoom at hero's end,bleeding nose,sad version of the happy tree song,dad's hearts melt,hero and heroine unite and happy ending! A packet of pop corn,one cone of ice cream and a happy ending at your end too! Damn it! Even the routine was getting stereotyped!
And then came Hashmi-with "Murder".He hit off so well among the Indian audience after his "never-before performance" in the movie that the Indians screamed "encore!!" and soon enough "Zeher","Aashiq banaya aapne" ,"Aksar" and others followed.Sure enough,he turned the path of Indian Cinema from the usual run-of-the-mill stories,but creating a new genre ,at the cost of raising many eye brows!
For,here was a man who had better options to use his lips than utilize it for
mundane tasks like speaking and eating! And he did what he best could in all the movies now lovingly called "hashmi-styled movies" :-D (if you know what I meant!) Who would have imagined that a man with so tiny lips would actually manage to create a saga titled "The Art of Kissing"!!
A typical Hashmi movie would go thus(refer to the previous sequence for appreciating the depth of difference brought in)- Hero (one of the less popular actors in Bollywood) is ALREADY married to heroine ( whoa!! that should have meant "The End",but its just "the Beginning" here !!) Enter Hashmi - oops,he is heroines ex-flame. Heroine tries to keep him away,but his magnetism is too over powering (song sequence follows) ,kissing,kissing and more kissing....still kissing...still more kissing..(phew,hashmi is still not tired!!!)...husband(our hero) doubts "meri biwi par shak he"..scope for a new character role -- The Investigator( Best Award for role as Investigator-to be included in Cine Awards soon)-jo biwi aur ex-flame ke photo kheenchtha he. Heroine is shocked on seeing the photos. A murder of hashmi occurs. "pulis" aa jaate he..biwi takes the blame on herself,hubby also does the same-- "kya??" ..bechara "pulis" is confused! Then after some mess and a fuss and a song sequence,somehow the movie ends (fortunately). Pop corn over,ice cream over,happy ending(??) ,I don't know..:-)

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


There is this neat pile of books at my home stacked away in a dusty corner , each of them looking not a bit like the other in their appearance,shape and colour...but they all share one similarity.Every book has lots of pages filled up with writings,musings and pictures,little souvenirs tucked in with love in the first half of the book while the other half is almost bland...wondering what these books are? They are my journals through the years - I,Me,Myself- Unedited.

An old saying goes "Paper is more patient than man" and every crazy thought strewn across those pages of a journal is a testimony to this fact.Sometimes I have wondered what I would do with all those journals I have maintained through right from when I was 12 years of age. And I think I am going to read all that junk (!!) after a few years,probably share it with my family too,and enjoy a good laugh (thats the only best thing I can think of now!).Sometimes I get so embarassed about few of my cranky ideas etched in there that I even thinking of burning them all away! But that invisible string tugs at your heart and you put off the idea.

Getting specific about my journals,as I mentioned earlier,the process gets kick started with much fire and fury in the first half of year....with almost all the pages scribbled about anything and everything under the sun...right from the fight I had with my best friend to how I was chased by a dog and ran for my life hoping no one had seen it! Post July,the laziness takes a toll on me and frequency of scribbles reduces drastically and by December,there would have been atleast half a dozen pages of apologies for not writing anything! Come January,its again a new beginning,a fresh dairy,but same old me again :-)

First few years,my journal even had pictures of the daily events..cartoons...what not!Advancing through the years,pictures reduced,daily chore jottings also reduced and I tried evolving by writing about serious stuffs.By the end of the year I realised serious writing was not my cup of tea cos the entire journal was the worst one I had ever written!

And now with blogging,a beautiful new vista of I,Me,Myself-Unedited series has opened before me....with a serious risk factor--the blunders and stupidity is now open for the world to see! But I am definitely enjoying it!! What about you..?

Monday, April 03, 2006

The Importance of Emoting(With Care)

So you think I am going to talk non-stop on the importance of emotions in our life and how we should show our loved ones that we care,trust and love them more than ourselves and that more than what we feel for them,what matters is how we express the same?? Naah...those are all topics written by so many people so many times that it would be like digging them out of their graves...let them rest in peace...:-)

Am talking about emoting on a different plane -- emoting even when you are typing on the key board! Yes dude,this time you guessed it right! Thanks to the ever-green hero who discovered those pretty combinations of punctuation marks,my blog has had a narrow escape from extinction!

Emoticons (Rather Emote-Icons) was probably the first revolutionary step which changed the notion that display of emotions were signs of weakness...now buddy,its trendy to emote!! The more emoticons you use, the cooler you are seen as! Though only a handful of emoticons have managed to find place in people's hearts,most of them do know the existence of weird ones like dogs,cats, rainbow etc!

The importance of emoting on the e-plane can be caught with the following
example.Consider the sentence and their huge difference in meanings those little curly things at the end make...
--> I am going home :-) (wow..am glad!!!)
--> I am going home :-( ( uggh....my bf and I had plans for a nice outing!Its ruined!)
--> I am going home X-( ( i have had enough talking to you..am leaving!)
I know I needn't have mentioned all that so explicitly..but when it comes to using
emoticons,I really want all of you to take some care...for I have been in grave situations when I accidently typed :-X instead of X-( when I was almost yelling at a friend! And his surprise :-o and a "Are you ok? " message helped me realise my folly..and we did have a good laugh after that ..(haha...thks to the emoticons culture,we could solve our difference of opinion amicably!) .. So aint that friendly curly thing cool to use??? Happy Emoting...:-)cheers!!!

Friday, March 31, 2006


meeeeoooowwww.." My eyebrows shot up--"Now who was this..". With my eyes still fixed on the Lays packet which was now completely empty ,I continued munching the last of the lot,wishing the packet contained what the manufacturers promised-100 g of potato chips..but its always 50 g potato chips and 50 g of nature's fine composition(nitrogen-78%,oxygen-21%,carbon dioxide-0.03% and other gases-0.07%) called air. The amphitheatre was almost empty at around this time except for a few people enjoying their evening snack."Its getting late..I have to hurry up to my desk and finish my work for today before I can leave by the seven 'o clock bus,and then I have to go to the.." "MEEEEEEEOOOOOWWWWWW"..this time louder and commanding..my thoughts slammed on the brakes.
I turned my head to the right and there was this grey kitten looking at me with a forlorn face.It looked like any ordinary kitten at first sight.Small grey body curled up like a fur ball with white stripes on it.Little did I know then how surprised I would be in a few minutes time. "hmmm???"..."meeeeeoooowwww" came the reply. I shifted my body so that we were face to face."Ok sweetie,am listening..whats your problem?" . I knew I looked totally foolish talking to a kitten like that,but the tiny thing really had my attention drawn!
Expecting another hopeless meeoww I continued like an idiot.." I know you have problems too...probably your mama screamed at you for something,or you flunked in an exam,or that you are hungry...but its all part of life dude..you gotta live it.."..tossing my hair ,I looked out into the darkness in a melodramatic fashion that comes naturally to me when I say something highly philosophical!
"Who do you think you are talking to,huh??" This was too much of a response to get for what I expected I would get from the kitten(what would you hope to hear from a CAT other than a meeeow????). "W-w-w-w-w-w-what was that???" As I turned my head to face the object of my attention ,my jaws dropped down! In the place of the little kitten with that oh-so-sad expression was the same kitten with a smile (yeah,a real S-M-I-L-E) on its face,grinning at me!

"Who spoke just now??" ...I looked around at the empty amphitheatre..not a single soul. "Haha,you still don't believe that it was me who spoke,right?"..the smile was irking me now. A talking kitten???Have I started hallucinating too!!!
"Ok,little girl,let me explain...Am Almighty God from Heaven.Everyday when I visit Earth,I make it a point to visit atleast one software professional in this world.And you are the 12,456,567 th person I have talked to.".."There are more software engineers surely...you can find that number in Bangalore itself!And you have talked to only so many?" I mused out aloud."Thats cos I don't talk to them unless they take pains to talk to me...Software professionals have become so engrossed in their own activities that it takes little pranks like this to remind them that there other things in life.."The Kitten replied. "And you think this would help?"..I was feeling smaller and smaller before that tiny thing claiming to be God Himself.
"What would help you mean??Finished off the entire Lays packet by yourself,huh??? And you sit here blah-blahing nonsense to yourself!Why don't we make a move now?Its almost seven!"..I looked up at the voice ..I could make out my friend's figure in the darkness. "Oh yes..am sorry..where were you? Lets go..." I replied,feeling a little shaky.
As I got up to go,I feared looking to my right.But the temptation was overwhelming.I tried looking out through the corner of my eyes...nothing there.where is the..?? I took two steps forward and as though I had forgotten something I turned back and looked at where I had sat. "Whats it?Did you leave anything behind ?" my friend asked. "No...but where is the.." my voice trailed away,as I kept searching in the emptiness for it...in vain.Looking straight ahead but with a defeated face,I strolled silently with my friend.As I walked away slowly,my friend carelessly asked.."Lots of cats here,right?Do you like them??"..Back in the amphitheatre,a small smile appeared on the face of the lone fur ball in the darkness...nobody saw it ....

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

God's Own Country-You are missed!

Lush paddy fields,circled by a chain of palm trees,a gurgling stream finding its way
through tiny narrow openings,caressing the smooth white pebbles underneath,mountains lining up the horizon kissing the clouds and blue blue clear sky as you look up .....the thought of
Kerala fills my heart with pride and love and that longing drives you so crazy that you are
prompted to go through your calendar.

Running my finger along the rows of the month,my eyes
light up as I see 30th marked in grey in my official calendar.Applying for leave on 31st was the next chore in hand.And then finally tickets to that sleepy town-Palakkad! Its summer back in Kerala and am looking forward to the ripe mangoes and jackfruits waiting
for me!Reminds me of those sultry afternoons during the summer vacation when there was
absolutely no option about going out.I used to make myself as comfortable as possible before
the TV with juicy mangoes in hand....

And come June ,it rains cats and dogs!I studied in a school where summer vacation began a
little late and stretched to mid June.For the other schools in the state,June 1 is Day 1 for
the next year.And the monsoon in Kerala plays the prank every time. It lets out all its fury
right from that day! Its really a sight to watch kids return from school,drenched to their
skins despite their raincoats and umbrellas.Once back home,there is a lot of hard work to be
done...the brand new leather shoes is completely soaked,an entire bucket full of water is
wrung out of the socks and the uniform no longer identifies your school! But as all kids
knew,that was all mama's job...:-) How I miss those days!! Kerala,I miss you! And am coming....! Have a nice day!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Hell-raising Infernos!

The clock showed 10:30.Having finished my dinner early,I opened the door to go to bed.The
lights were still on.I let my eyes wander around the place.The room looked as though it had
been swept by a mild tornado..(there have been times when it looked like The Big Bang
occured in our room!) The person I noticed first was Miss Hutch2Hutch on the bed with her brown teddy in hand..chattering away on the phone in some unintelligible language(fortunately,she always says!).If the language had come into existence some time around when mathematicians were busy with sine waves,this would have been another inspiration for them to put in more effort into the discovery! Her bed always looked "lived-in"..:-D..clothes,bags,more clothes,more bags! I smiled back at her,thinking she had smiled at me...no,she and Mr Hutch2Hutch on the other end were sharing some joke!

Next my eyes rested on Miss India,the one multi faceted personality who believes sleeping 5
hours a day was more than sufficient for her to come up with her best! All true,in her
case,but still people do wonder how her eyes look droopy!A good buy for an IT industry.
Talking about her,she does so many things at a time that looking at her hurrying around,you
gasp for breath,but never she!! Takes MBA part time by burning the midnight lamp,speaks
endlessly(literally) to her boy friend(s) during breaks and is notorious for her exactly-
one-and-half-hour-bath everyday! And when she speaks,its as though she forgets the fact that
she has to breathe!And many times,we have had to remind her...

As my thoughts stray away to the college days I spent with friends here in my room,a voice
brings me back to the present.."Should I go through the Java book tonight?? "Thats our dear
Miss Uncertainity Principle a.k.a Binary Beauty. One good fact about her is that though she
comes with questions like "Should it be done or not?".."Should I wear this or
that..".."Should I move out or not?"..."Should I speak or not..?".."Should I blah-blah (you
can substitute almost anything here) or not?"..she always mentions the choices too - A 1
(yes) or a 0(no),which is why she is called a binary. She manages to find answers for
complicated questions like why a static variable should be used in some places of the code
and why not,but this system pops up a fatal exception when it comes to questions like
"Should I eat the food or not ? " .Another fact about her which I should not miss out is
that she has this amazing capability of retaining all her five senses when she is
sleeping.Which is probably one reason why she managed to clear that doubt on pointers in C
when all of us thought she was fast asleep!

The fourth person in the room-the most unassuming,less-hyper active and comparitively more
sane Miss Principles.She abides by her rules,draws the line wherever necessary and manages
to bring some order in the prevailing chaos and we are grateful to her! The most common
answer we get from her for all the types of "why" questions we ask her is " I have some
principles in life and wish to go by them.."..which roughly translates to "Mind your own
business and now,get lost! "

So that makes up my room....and of course,the 5th person is me...the lesser said the
better! Cheers!!

Monday, March 27, 2006

Say Cheese!!

Remember your curiosity and enthusiasm when you saw an elder handling a camera in your childhood? How you used to gape as he adjusted the lens with expertise ,gave a firm support with his palm and the moment of pure bliss was when he clicked and the bright flash of light appears for a split second!

For many, photography has been a passionate hobby.They wouldn't mind spending half their life and money clicking away pictures of nature and animals.Or even birds and butterflies?? I know of a person who hangs around parks and sanctuaries with his blah-blah-blah-specification-Nikon camera-with-even-more-blah-blah-blah-features and takes amazing pictures of dragon flies in every other position! Even the intricately woven details of the wings are seen glistening in the sunlight. And the joy on his face when he shows it to us!

But for me,its being on the other side (or probably,with regard to photography as a hobby,being on the "wrong side") of the camera that has thrilled me! My protocol is that "If there is a flash,there is me!!" :-)

Now,am sure,most of us are no different...When it comes to photography,if you can't shoot cool pics,then be an object for cool pics ;-) Recollecting those college days when we used to try fitting into the frame of almost all the photo taken in the class! And remember those photos where everyone had a "V" over their heads????

One of my careful observation is that most of the time you look the prettiest in photos when you are wearing the shabbiest of your clothes,amidst the dirtiest surrounding...and when you take pains to get dressed up well and expect the photo also to come up well,you are taken in by surprise! There would be no words to describe the shocked expression on your face when you take a look at the result! I still haven't found a way out of this paradox! If somebody has an answer,kindly let me know!

Now,as a final note,few tips on photography(I mean,for the wrong side,of course!)..

1) ALWAYS smile in photos...it makes you look much happier (even if you are not!)..Nobody likes seeing sad faces on photographs!

2) For gods sake,stand still , unless you really want to end up looking like a spooky soul right from the graveyard!

3) And most important of all,pose for a photograph only if you trust the photographer's skill !!!

Friday, March 24, 2006

Secret to Survival : Maadifying our Life !

"Left maadi.."... "Right maadi.."......"Turn maadi...Stop maadi.."... "Why are you bent on speaking in Kannada??Am sure he can understand Hindi" ,I said,trying to control my never-ending giggles. It fell on the most deaf ears of my friend.Ok,thought the rest of us,let her have her way!
And when the auto driver took a neat right turn and parked his vehicle right behind our bus ,my friend beamed at us and said.."See...its as simple as that!! Look how well he got my message!"..
Now,if you wondered what I was talking about--I am talking about the favourite word of the non-kannada people staying in Bangalore-simple,omnipresent and "context free" Maadi.Which roughly translates to "do" in English.
The magic of this word which also happens to be the reason why non-kannada people go gaga about it and it is that it can be paired with almost any English word easily to make sense! For example,wouldn't you understand if I said "Iron maadi"..."Wash maadi"...and "Think maadi" ??
And if you thought it was restricted to only the personal chores,you are gravely mistaken ,dude. How would you react if I said that "maadi" can be paired with all the common words in the drop-down combo boxes available in Windows OS??? Don't believe it?? Try a few...Click on File ...try saying "New maadi" .."Open maadi"..."Save maadi".."Save as maadi"..."Close maadi".."Exit maadi".... :-) ...cool,ain't it??
So lets conclude,the very essence of life today in Bangalore is to "maadify" it to suit our needs! Hey,if todays blog sounds strange,adjust maadi...;-) cheers!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

When I grow up....

Title sounds too mystifying to be said by a 22 yr old..right? Well..today while I was wracking my brains(excuse me,why do we use a plural here???:-o) about what I should be writing in my second blog , I had 2 choices ...either to write about the gory details of the "battle" I had today in the morning in the "arena" (a.k.a The Bathroom) with my opponent (a deadly sized creature with sturdy claws and a menacingly long tentacle,firmly sticking to my bath towel) or...something much less gory..the multitudes of ways I used to complete this sentence "When I grow up,I want to be a.." in the past years..I chose the latter.
As some great PJ master said.."Let me begin from the beginning.."..

My first day in school as a 4 yr old...I remember very little of that day except for this incident.The teacher in blue sari (She was pretty,but I always thought my mom was the prettiest in those days...! ) asked all of us to answer a question.."What do you want to be when you grow up?" Initially none of us got her question.Then she suggested.."like..teacher..doctor...??" Many around me flashed smiles,probably because they got their answer...but I was still have the same puzzled face.My classmates started answering her question..one by one.."teacher..".."doctor.."..."doctor..".."teacher.."...somebody said "pilot" (and I wondered what in the world was that!) ...my turn was fast approaching...and I had still not got the answer...I could feel my hands going cold...what am I to say????

Then the person right ahead of me said "Doctor" and immedietely I sprang to my feet and said "teacher..",for the only reason that my friend had said "doctor" and how can I say the same thing????..I sat down and relaxed for having answered the question.
That was my first way of ending that sentence...when I didn't even know what the question meant!
Soon as I "grew up" inch by inch,I fancied doing all kinds of jobs...After what I thought was careful thought,I decided to stick to the teacher figure for quite some years..until I was about 8 or 9 yrs old.I had narrowed down my dream to a "KV teacher" cos I was a KV student.

Then when I was 10 yrs old,teacher announced one day in class that there was this essay competition in school and the topic was "My Ambition in Life"..hmm..why not participate! Back home,I was pestering dad to come up with an "exotic" profession so that I could win the first prize ;-)..and both of us put our heads together and decided that I should be writing an essay saying I wanted to become an "articket"..i mean..an "architect"..with great difficulty I managed to pronounce the word. Soon a nice essay was prepared by daddy and I memorized every line of it in no time!

Voila!!! The essay won the second prize...(I secretly wondered what "extra-exotic" profession the 1st prize winner had come up with!) ..and that day I decided I would become an architect!!!
Those were merry days....cos even though I changed my mind few times,I still secretly hoped to become an architect when I grew up...

The other jobs that caught my attention were..and the weird reasons why were...
1) News reader...cos I had a crush on almost all the news readers in my teens and dreamt of reading news with them!
2) An anchor for cookery shows in TV because I envied those people on Tv who managed to get along without cooking,but still dug their teeth into all the yummy things the chefs cook!
3) An aerobics teacher because I thought that was the only way somebody who didn't know the ABCs of dancing would dance and the world would still not laugh at them!
4) And finally a software engineer (which today I am)....cos...:-)

And today,as I look back on all the clumsy thoughts I had,I still think of all those dreams-unrealized,with a smile on my face...may be one day I can fufill them....??? And the equally clumsy fact is that I have still not stopped uttering the statement "When I grow up.." even today...!!!! have a nice day!!!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Getting over "To Blog or not to Blog"....

I had been thinking of starting a blog for quite some time and kept pushing the thought off like many others do ...and I was secretly glad that I had a zillion reasons in my basket to do so...

--> What do I write...??? And that too,very frequently....else I might forget my userid and password ..or probably they would even chuck out my blog for being inactive (do they really do that??? ) !!!

--> Then comes the favourite million dollar question everybody keeps asking these days..."Will I get time for this???"

--> Now,since I can't list down all the zillion reasons I have (ok,I admit,I lied abt that "zillion" figure!)...I'll stop with this last one..and probably the best of the lot....I was plain lazy! (I guess,Like everybody??)

But today morning I felt less lazy (amazing!!!) and so finally decided to take the plunge and try my hand at this...and here is my first blog...sprawled majestically for the world to see(??eh??Am not so sure!!!) lets see how this will turn out to be....
Cheers...and have a nice day!