Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Why The World Needs Pluto..

The brouhaha about Pluto's demotion in the past week has become a cause of worry for school teachers,reports a popular news paper. True,imagine the scene when the kids will shoot all those questions on their poor science teachers!!! Worse still, imagine all the 10 yr olds bringing back their previous year's annual exam papers asking for those extra marks cos now their answer to "There are -- number of planets in our solar system" has been proved right by miracle !!!

Me thinks its not just the plight of school teachers or astronomers that is a cause of worry..There is this another set of equally dedicated star gazers who have been hit by shock waves cos of the ruling by the world's top astronomers to boot Pluto from the planet category - The Astrologers ,who are now pondering how this turn of events might affect our moods, our lucky numbers and our chances of getting a date!

Will my future change now?? Will I become a doctor now that the 8th House in the myriad of squares in my 'horrorscope' is left blank??? Or will it be occupied by some female like "Xena" ??

Because my worry got the better of me,I decided to seek help from google and try to understand how much pluto (or the lack of it) will affect me and boy! I was shocked... Listen to what a website told me.. "Though it is smaller in size, its energy is enormous. Pluto governs complete transformations, death, the underworld, volcanoes and deep spiritual matters " This was the lesser severe of the lot.Other websites told me even more brutual details about how much the tiny planet has influence on our lives that I was almost sobbing away "Pluto,I will miss you!!" in a true bollywood 'ishtyle'.

The only way to find out the answer would be to ask our palmist who sits on the road side grinning away oblivious of the Pluto-ruckus and no points for guessing his reply.."I can tell you only if you give me money" :-)))) Now thats a sensible answer ;-)

I will miss you, Pluto!! Take Care!


Rat said...

Pluto will disappear from the text books.
But not from the sky.
Not from our hearts..
sob sob..
(vann senti)

sandeep said...

i was to become a footballer if pluto was a planet..

i am becoming a football since pluto is kicked out.. :((

Rat said...

Ellaam koode paavam Pluto-de thalayil ketti becho.
BTW, njaan oru nice lil poem ezhuthi.
Dedicated to Pluto..
SMS ayakkaam :D

b v n said...

LOL...that was funny...i never thought about those extra marks...hmm...neat idea :))

Our alien plutonians in pluto will be pretty sad once the news reaches them in uh..huh...fifty years :)

keep posting.

soorya said...

@Rat,the poem is very cute :-) saw it in ur blog.

@Sandeep, Lol.. i don't know if i shud b commenting on this.Pluto or no pluto,ur destiny (wat u mentioned!) is hard to change ;-)

@Bvn, thanks! The inspiration to write abt pluto came from ur blog:-)

Rat said...

ithu tharakkedilla..
(ennaalum ente template style inte athrem barilla)

Anonymous said...


Rat said...

new pic is hillarious :D