Friday, September 01, 2006

The Onam-ish Itch is Back..

The strong desire to get back home to be with your family..

The beauty of watching the Gods own country in its coyness after a fresh Monsoon shower...

The delight of seeing "Athapoo" (flower carpets) artistically displayed in houses..

The Mallu damsels getting ready to be in their best kasavu sarees..

The delicacies laden plantain leaf ...

Uhhmm....The familiar annual Onam-ish itch is back and you are your Mallu-best!

In whatever nook of the world you are, those Mallu-strings in your heart gently start tugging by now and reaches a feverish pitch by Thiruvonam .. so much that people like me,who is spending this year's Onam at work tends to give vent to the frustration blogging on Onam !

So hows this Onam going to be different? I can come up with three good reasons...

1) This is going to be my first Onam staying away from home and instead,staying with bugs and C++ codes. (and obviously,am not very happy about it).

2) And incidently,my first Onam after I started earning .

3) My last Onam as a single ;-) and as a result, the last Onam when I won't be devoting my "talents" for the room called kitchen! (Yep,I plan to cook the entire set of delicacies same time next year!!! ) :-)

And three good ways I plan to be happy this Onam --

1) Wear a kasavu saree to office if I can accomplish the herculean task in atmost 3 successful attempts (??).

2) Eat Kerala food from office even if it means walking all the way to the van across the road through the campus and waiting in a long queue even as early as 12:00 noon.

3) Can my readers suggest something...?

Onaashamsakal !


Rat said...

Happiness grows by sharing..
Make me happy by sending across a box of chocolates :D

BTW, next onam, u goin to be in kitchen ? I'm outta town, okay.. Hav a doctor's appointment (same time, next year) :-S

Saari pottam ayakkaan marakkanda :D

sandeep said...

Idea to celebrate this Onam.

Take leave on Tuesday and try to cook all the Onam vibhavangal this year itself. Practice makes a woman perfect.. :)

b v n said...

hey...nice post !!

its the fourth onam i'll be missing and its no feel good :(...for us in trivandrum onam is abt a few more things like the onam week celebrations by govt in the city and all those elephants *age ol' weakness*...and that late nite movie screening in open air 'nishagandhi' used be a lot of fun with the entire gang...hmm

neways nice one to rekindle all those stuff :)...feel sad for you too if you feel sad for me too...eek :)))...old joke

thiruvonashamsakal :)