Sunday, December 09, 2007

10 Random Stuffs I find hard to Tolerate...

1) People being so vain enough to put their own pic as wallie in their cell phones.

2) Showing that you are totally jobless by converting orkut scraps to a chat service!

3) Anonymous friend requests on orkut with the profile being a member of atleast 25 porn communities.

4) Speaking on your mobile and driving..

5) The newly-sprung-retail-chain-supermarkets where every vegetable has to be wrapped in separate plastic covers, be it one small piece of cabbage or 3 lemons! Ever wondered where these plastics go after you dump it in your dustbin??

6) Mallus speaking English with an absolutely absurd sounding american accent -> 'green' sounds something like 'gzheeen' and creme becomes 'czheeem' with a tinge of 'r' somewhere getting lost in between. Of course, I hate the other extreme as well. One who says "oooyil" for 'oil' and 'loan' for 'lawn'!

7) Guys with extra-ordinarily long hair, let loose, looking half like King Cong and half human!

8) Auto drivers - the whole breed - without any specific clauses!!

9) Young girls(or guys) puffing away during breaks in office to reduce stress (??) !!

10) People taking hours to draw out money from an ATM with a long queue waiting behind them.

11) Couldn't stop at 10 as I promised.. :-( I hate FM radio with the jockey never shuttin up her

mouth and going blah-blah-blah...and most of the times playing the same numbers again and again!

(I have more, but I guess I should be a little more tolerant :-) )

Monday, December 03, 2007

Those little yellow sticky notes..

One can't but wonder the significance of those yellow sticky notes these days that you tend to stick in your cubicles, at home, in your kitchen..

The moment you have written down every single thing nagging you into those 2" X 2" bit of paper you feel a sense of relief flooding in, something akin to the feeling you get after 2 hours of pouring out all your worries over the phone with your patient-best-friend listening to you on the other end! Man, its like as though you have a constraint on the amount of things you can store in your head,say certain megabytes,and you want to make sure they are used only to store the most nitty-gritty things of life!

Now, that is the feeling when you have "instantiated a yellow sticky". The next time you see those tiny things trying their best to stick and stay on where they were pinned , you only let out a loud exclamation..followed by a slap on your forehead , followed by a "Ohh $%#@ I forgot!!!"

Soon enough,as days pass by, the yellow notes tend to curl up on their edges as though they are tired of reminding you again and again and are recoiling back accepting their defeat. True, the poor little notes rarely demand your attention on time...most of the time we take note only to tell yourself how we had wanted to get it done today and we forgot!

But still they adorn your walls like those inspirational wallpapers, hoping somebpdy would take a look at them once in a while. I have seen these notes stuck to computer monitors that they are always in sight! But after days of presence, I guess your eyes get used to seeing something yellow out of the corners!

Now coming to the variety of things that get jotted down to be reminded... few people use it for groceries, few others use it for their imporant appointments,tasks at office and a lot other personal to-dos. Now coming to the point where I divulge the source of inpiration for this blog post -> PJ's apartment. A hard-core-yellow-sticky-notes-fan he doesn't do a thing unless its written down in one of those numerous stickies! And me being the curious cat I have always been ,I make it a point to see whats updated in them... and here is what I found one day..without thinking twice I caught it with my mobile cam... :-)) (He is going to skin me alive for this!!!)