Friday, September 22, 2006

Time for some thought...

The other day I watched "United 93" with friends.Needless to say,it was a nice movie.Theme was excellent,casting was well done since none of the actors were "heros" , they were just actors and a movie like "United 93" needed exactly that - pure actors. It was fast paced,the kind of movie you would readily tag as "on-the-edge-of-the-seat"-er.

I found this one particular scene in the movie really thought-provoking (Well,to tell the truth, I got some food for thought,rather,food for some thought which I couldn't make out what!) .

There is this time in the movie when the hijackers are in the cockpit franctically trying their best to reach their target on time and they are losing hope. The guy flying the plane is profusely sweating and the veins on his forehead are jutting out,taut. The tension on his face is so overwhelming. He is seen uttering some prayer under his breath while he tries to maneouvre the plane. The camera zooms in and you can make out his lips quivering with the Arabic words, praying out to Almighty Allah.

In the next second, the camera is focussed on a passenger in the hijacked plane - an elderly American woman, eyes tightly shut,also seen letting out a prayer through her lips, in English, calling out to the great Messiah of Christianity. The fear on her face shows on those thin lines on her forehead,sweat dotting her chin and palms held tightly to her hand rest.

The pair of scenes was a cry of irony! One, praying to the God to help him in destruction and other, knowingly or unknowingly,praying to the SAME God to thwart this plan of destruction and help her and her friends get to safety.

I didn't know what conclusion I will be able to come to , if I thought on this line,or whether I would be able to come to any at all. But I was certain about one thing, the famous one-liner "God is one" so commonly seen all around is not just a simple sentence that you can teach a 6 year old about. Its disheartening to note that we human beings would keep underestimating its value forever....

Thursday, September 21, 2006

A Woman's Poem

I hate this Ctrl-C Ctrl-V strategy,atleast in my blog! But for once, I couldn't resist doing it :-)

This poem is so funny!

He didn't like the curry
And he didn't like my cake.
He said my biscuits were too hard...
Not like his mother used to make.
I didn't prepare the coffee right
He didn't like the stew,
I didn't mend his socks
The way his mother used to do.
I pondered for an answer
I was looking for a clue.
Isn't there anything I could do
To match his mothers shoe
Then I smiled as I saw light
One thing I could definitely do
I turned around and slapped him tight...
Like his mother used to !!!!!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

To my Very Special Blog Readers..


Its an 'IT' Onam..and a typical one,I must say.

--> Though my PG-mates and owner had plans to celebrate Onam and lessen the woes of missing our homes, the plans didn't kick-off all that well due to the time constraints faced by atleast 10-15 BPO/IT employees there. So, going with the trends of the BPO age, we also decided to have a US-time sadya (thats at around 9:30 PM) when all of us(most of us!) will be present.

--> Woke up as early as 5:30 AM to have my bath and get dressed in kasavu saree..That was fun.And though I took some time to tame my fresh sari, in the end I managed to look presentable enough and more importantly, the whole effort was from my side alone! Now wonder whats "IT" in this...any guesses...yeah,right...mallu lass in kasavu sari alright,but with an ID tag and access card dangling from the neck which would "beep-beep" when shown against a magnetic card reader.

--> Had a small pookalam in PG today. In office, I was going through my mails when I came across this wish from a friend of mine with an attach atham.exe . A flash application that filled your screen with its bright colours. There were concentric circles and few neat geometric patterns within the circles in synch. To the right you had 6 different coloured flowers to choose from and fill in the geometric patters with flowers and voila, as the catchy 'IT' slogan goes.. Your Athapoo is just a click away..

--> Am looking forward to the Thiruvathirakali tonight in our BPO/IT PG. I won't be surprised if I notice an 'IT' element there as well !!! Will let you know soon.

Meanwhile, I have already begun waiting for my next Onam... :) Onnoode Onaashamsakal !! Cya Around!!

Friday, September 01, 2006

The Onam-ish Itch is Back..

The strong desire to get back home to be with your family..

The beauty of watching the Gods own country in its coyness after a fresh Monsoon shower...

The delight of seeing "Athapoo" (flower carpets) artistically displayed in houses..

The Mallu damsels getting ready to be in their best kasavu sarees..

The delicacies laden plantain leaf ...

Uhhmm....The familiar annual Onam-ish itch is back and you are your Mallu-best!

In whatever nook of the world you are, those Mallu-strings in your heart gently start tugging by now and reaches a feverish pitch by Thiruvonam .. so much that people like me,who is spending this year's Onam at work tends to give vent to the frustration blogging on Onam !

So hows this Onam going to be different? I can come up with three good reasons...

1) This is going to be my first Onam staying away from home and instead,staying with bugs and C++ codes. (and obviously,am not very happy about it).

2) And incidently,my first Onam after I started earning .

3) My last Onam as a single ;-) and as a result, the last Onam when I won't be devoting my "talents" for the room called kitchen! (Yep,I plan to cook the entire set of delicacies same time next year!!! ) :-)

And three good ways I plan to be happy this Onam --

1) Wear a kasavu saree to office if I can accomplish the herculean task in atmost 3 successful attempts (??).

2) Eat Kerala food from office even if it means walking all the way to the van across the road through the campus and waiting in a long queue even as early as 12:00 noon.

3) Can my readers suggest something...?

Onaashamsakal !