Sunday, December 09, 2007

10 Random Stuffs I find hard to Tolerate...

1) People being so vain enough to put their own pic as wallie in their cell phones.

2) Showing that you are totally jobless by converting orkut scraps to a chat service!

3) Anonymous friend requests on orkut with the profile being a member of atleast 25 porn communities.

4) Speaking on your mobile and driving..

5) The newly-sprung-retail-chain-supermarkets where every vegetable has to be wrapped in separate plastic covers, be it one small piece of cabbage or 3 lemons! Ever wondered where these plastics go after you dump it in your dustbin??

6) Mallus speaking English with an absolutely absurd sounding american accent -> 'green' sounds something like 'gzheeen' and creme becomes 'czheeem' with a tinge of 'r' somewhere getting lost in between. Of course, I hate the other extreme as well. One who says "oooyil" for 'oil' and 'loan' for 'lawn'!

7) Guys with extra-ordinarily long hair, let loose, looking half like King Cong and half human!

8) Auto drivers - the whole breed - without any specific clauses!!

9) Young girls(or guys) puffing away during breaks in office to reduce stress (??) !!

10) People taking hours to draw out money from an ATM with a long queue waiting behind them.

11) Couldn't stop at 10 as I promised.. :-( I hate FM radio with the jockey never shuttin up her

mouth and going blah-blah-blah...and most of the times playing the same numbers again and again!

(I have more, but I guess I should be a little more tolerant :-) )


Sandeep said...

I hate car drivers when I'm riding a bike and I hate bike riders when I'm driving a car.. :D

Vimal Gasper said...

1. Driving on the wrong side of the road with full beam at night.
2. Any Indian born and brought up in India speaking with an US or UK accent. Why can't we just speak without any accent at all.
3. Fat girls wearing tights
4. Soorya's point#8
5. Soorya's point #10
6. Bikers driving on the footpath
7. Drivers honking in the trafic when there is no place to move forward.

Rat said...

I dont like ppl starting off with a number and ending up with another!


soorya said...

Thanks all for the comments..made a good collection!

@ Sand : :) I hate cows/dogs when am riding pillion with u :-D

@ Vimal : #3 -> :-)) paavam..avarkkum kaanille aagraham!

@ rat : If not for word verification,my blog wud also keep getting comments for the same post all through the year like how Sand gets :-p

Fresh Lime Soda said...

Nice blog.... those 10 points were really waky.. and hats off to the commenters who added those missed points... way 2 blog.... happy blogging ahead

soorya said...

thanks!!!! keep reading ;)

Bullshee said...

I failed 3 of 10!Woo hoo!

Now try 10 things you hate about yourself!More difficult to point out...

soorya said...

worth a try!!! keep watching this space :-)

Naveen said...

nice article........

have a look at it...