Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Confessions of an Embarrassed Mind

>Everybody would have had childhood fantasies and crazy thoughts.. Penning them in a blog for the world to see would be the most embarassing thing,but I guess I can dare to do it ;-)
Few among the craziest which I remember are..

1) I thought that the seats made out of bricks in the railway stations were used to bury people if they died waiting for a train in the railway stations! Still worse,I used to think it was so mannerless of people to sit on other's graves!!

2) I thought being a "Bank Manager" was the highest point of anybody's career... whether you be a teacher,a doc or an employee of the bank! I remember arguing with my dad when he asked me to do something I really didn't feel like doing saying
"You are not a Bank Manager..then why should I be listening to your orders!"

3) My school was still in its infant stages when I joined KVK in the 1st Std. It had classes only till the 9th Std then. And as per my 7 yr old database, that became the last phase of one's education. I didn't hesitate to tell my parents and neighbours that
"After 9th Std, marriage" :-)) A puzzled dad (or may be worried?? ;-) ) asked me to repeat what I had just announced and I was the least hesitant to do it! All of them roared with laughter I remember,and I obviously found the joke unintelligible then.Atleast now I don't ;-)

4) This was not during my was during my early teens. I thought God had accidently "endowed" me with pheromones cos one day I tried to shoo away a frog and it kept following me wherever I go for another one and half hour until I
got so terrified that I trapped it under a bucket!
Another instance which almost confirmed my belief was cos of the lizard that used to live beneath the tube light in our dining room. The identification mark was the black mole on its back.I christened it Venky (I don't remember why!). Venky used to come out from his abode whenever I sat on my chair in the dining table.And was that a smile! I thought so ;-) One more classic observation was that Venky loved it when I hummed Hindi songs.And when I tried few English songs,it used to turn its back at me and hide behind the tube light again. Being the smart kid I was,I wasn't letting go of the research with just that. I would sing a line from one of the Hindi songs followed by a line in English and alternating it...the expected behaviour was Venky would come out,Venky would go back,Venky would come out... alas.. :-)

I guess I revealed too much already! I am not all that courageous to go on.. ;-)

Now buzz off... I ain't spoiling my reputation :-))



sandeep said...


wht to comment????
absolutely funny...
one hell of a revelation.. ;-)

we wud expect a part 2..

Rat said...

Absolutely hillarious :)
Wat after 9th std ?! Marriage :-D
This, followed by lizard story :DD

But wait a min... did i read "when i sing a hindi song..." ?

Arun Pillai said...

Seems u've a good insight into childhood happenings.If i start thinkin about the same,all i'ld recallis the firing that i got from my teachers(thanks for my pricipal,for speakin in a high pitch,irrespective of his age).Anyways had a nice time surfing around your posts.Keep up good work...

Happy Blogging

Arun Pillai said...

Tried searching for ur community "bored of orkutting", but in vain ...

Anyways i don't think its so boring as u say.May b depends on the usage ..

soorya said...

Arun,its its
u can join it n start posting soon :-)

b v n said...

hey !! came here thru sandeep's link,neat blog...great posts too..and singin to lizard must be real fun....LOL...i knew a lizard...but its name wasnt venky..and maybe wasnt a lizard too..crow or something *forget it*...keep posting

Praveen Prakash said...

confessions of a confused visitor...



jokes apart..gud one

Arun Pillai said...

finally managed to see ya community :)