Monday, July 10, 2006

"I am" Tagged!!!!

Tagged by Rat when I was running out of topic for my blog...So lets see how this goes...

I am thinking about ---- lots of things actually.. how to get even with Rat for "I"-tagging me, wondering whether to really google out what "tagging " is all about and its origin just to make sure it wasn't invented by YABSE ( yet-another-bored-software engineer) during his working hours .. and right now,wondering how the heck I am to fill this up!

I said------------------- Two bee or not two bee... may be three bees :-)

I want------------------- If my wants were countable, God himself would have fuflilled atleast 10 of them every day for the next 20 years. Alas, not so. At this split second,I want the guy who is whistling around in the next cubicle to stop that unearthly noise mistakingly branded as "talent" by him!

I miss------------------- unniappams!!!

I wish------------------- Life had a keyboard where I can safely hit Ctrl-Z rather than hit my head and exclaim "ohhh **** " when I am in a mess!

I hear------------------- people typing away on their keyboards...

I wonder---------------- if God really created so many different looking people all this while,he must be an expert with permutations!!! And he never got tired!!!! whoa!!!

I regret----------------- all my culinary adventures!!!!

I am-------------------- Who I am!!!

I dance ----------------- Sorry,I looked it up in the dictionary and to my dismay,it said "An artistic form of nonverbal communication" ... three things contradicting my nature here - "artistic" , "non-verbal" , "communication" ( I guess with an invisible prefix - "sensible" ). And you thought I would be happy to shatter my reputation???
I sing------------------- strictly within the four walls of my bathroom , that too ,only after I made sure that the walls were absolutely sound-proof !

I cry-------------------- (sob)(weep) during movies ;-)

I make with my hands --- Moo Goo Gai Pan .. wondering what it is.. Well,I had a hard time fishing out such a mouth-watering-delight from google.. it says "fresh mushrooms with sliced chicken"... I guess that would do for an amateur cook like me?

I write------------------- the worst of poems, too scary to be read even by myself ! Makes me wonder if my ancestors would include Shelley!

I confuse---------------- at times,myself !

I need------------------- to go home once more this any cost!!! Am missing home!!!

I should-----------------stop thinking that my PJs are awesome and people are going to appreciate me sometime soon in future for this!
I start------------------ my day looking at myself in the mirror and shake my head in disapproval " These mirrors! When are they going to change!! "

I finish----------------- my friend's share of chocolate before he/she even realises that he/she was destined to get a share!

Ciao !


Sandeep Sadanandan said...

I wish------------------- Life had a keyboard where you can safely hit Ctrl-C or Ctrl-\ or even Ctrl-D rather than making others hit their head and exclaim "ohhh **** " when they start reading your blog.


didn't have the strength to read it full.

Rat said...

Thanks for taking up the tag, Soo..
Learnt quite a few things from this one. And FYI, if you have plans to come over to my house, please note that the kitchen is closed indefinitely for maintenance ;-D

sandeep said...

disappointed with the 4th one.. ;-)