Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Hell-raising Infernos!

The clock showed 10:30.Having finished my dinner early,I opened the door to go to bed.The
lights were still on.I let my eyes wander around the place.The room looked as though it had
been swept by a mild tornado..(there have been times when it looked like The Big Bang
occured in our room!) The person I noticed first was Miss Hutch2Hutch on the bed with her brown teddy in hand..chattering away on the phone in some unintelligible language(fortunately,she always says!).If the language had come into existence some time around when mathematicians were busy with sine waves,this would have been another inspiration for them to put in more effort into the discovery! Her bed always looked "lived-in"..:-D..clothes,bags,more clothes,more bags! I smiled back at her,thinking she had smiled at me...no,she and Mr Hutch2Hutch on the other end were sharing some joke!

Next my eyes rested on Miss India,the one multi faceted personality who believes sleeping 5
hours a day was more than sufficient for her to come up with her best! All true,in her
case,but still people do wonder how her eyes look droopy!A good buy for an IT industry.
Talking about her,she does so many things at a time that looking at her hurrying around,you
gasp for breath,but never she!! Takes MBA part time by burning the midnight lamp,speaks
endlessly(literally) to her boy friend(s) during breaks and is notorious for her exactly-
one-and-half-hour-bath everyday! And when she speaks,its as though she forgets the fact that
she has to breathe!And many times,we have had to remind her...

As my thoughts stray away to the college days I spent with friends here in my room,a voice
brings me back to the present.."Should I go through the Java book tonight?? "Thats our dear
Miss Uncertainity Principle a.k.a Binary Beauty. One good fact about her is that though she
comes with questions like "Should it be done or not?".."Should I wear this or
that..".."Should I move out or not?"..."Should I speak or not..?".."Should I blah-blah (you
can substitute almost anything here) or not?"..she always mentions the choices too - A 1
(yes) or a 0(no),which is why she is called a binary. She manages to find answers for
complicated questions like why a static variable should be used in some places of the code
and why not,but this system pops up a fatal exception when it comes to questions like
"Should I eat the food or not ? " .Another fact about her which I should not miss out is
that she has this amazing capability of retaining all her five senses when she is
sleeping.Which is probably one reason why she managed to clear that doubt on pointers in C
when all of us thought she was fast asleep!

The fourth person in the room-the most unassuming,less-hyper active and comparitively more
sane Miss Principles.She abides by her rules,draws the line wherever necessary and manages
to bring some order in the prevailing chaos and we are grateful to her! The most common
answer we get from her for all the types of "why" questions we ask her is " I have some
principles in life and wish to go by them.."..which roughly translates to "Mind your own
business and now,get lost! "

So that makes up my room....and of course,the 5th person is me...the lesser said the
better! Cheers!!

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Rat said...

LOL @ And when she speaks,its as though she forgets the fact that
she has to breathe

Good one..

And now that your inbox is full, its time for me to get back to sleep, err.. work..