Monday, March 27, 2006

Say Cheese!!

Remember your curiosity and enthusiasm when you saw an elder handling a camera in your childhood? How you used to gape as he adjusted the lens with expertise ,gave a firm support with his palm and the moment of pure bliss was when he clicked and the bright flash of light appears for a split second!

For many, photography has been a passionate hobby.They wouldn't mind spending half their life and money clicking away pictures of nature and animals.Or even birds and butterflies?? I know of a person who hangs around parks and sanctuaries with his blah-blah-blah-specification-Nikon camera-with-even-more-blah-blah-blah-features and takes amazing pictures of dragon flies in every other position! Even the intricately woven details of the wings are seen glistening in the sunlight. And the joy on his face when he shows it to us!

But for me,its being on the other side (or probably,with regard to photography as a hobby,being on the "wrong side") of the camera that has thrilled me! My protocol is that "If there is a flash,there is me!!" :-)

Now,am sure,most of us are no different...When it comes to photography,if you can't shoot cool pics,then be an object for cool pics ;-) Recollecting those college days when we used to try fitting into the frame of almost all the photo taken in the class! And remember those photos where everyone had a "V" over their heads????

One of my careful observation is that most of the time you look the prettiest in photos when you are wearing the shabbiest of your clothes,amidst the dirtiest surrounding...and when you take pains to get dressed up well and expect the photo also to come up well,you are taken in by surprise! There would be no words to describe the shocked expression on your face when you take a look at the result! I still haven't found a way out of this paradox! If somebody has an answer,kindly let me know!

Now,as a final note,few tips on photography(I mean,for the wrong side,of course!)..

1) ALWAYS smile in makes you look much happier (even if you are not!)..Nobody likes seeing sad faces on photographs!

2) For gods sake,stand still , unless you really want to end up looking like a spooky soul right from the graveyard!

3) And most important of all,pose for a photograph only if you trust the photographer's skill !!!

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