Wednesday, March 29, 2006

God's Own Country-You are missed!

Lush paddy fields,circled by a chain of palm trees,a gurgling stream finding its way
through tiny narrow openings,caressing the smooth white pebbles underneath,mountains lining up the horizon kissing the clouds and blue blue clear sky as you look up .....the thought of
Kerala fills my heart with pride and love and that longing drives you so crazy that you are
prompted to go through your calendar.

Running my finger along the rows of the month,my eyes
light up as I see 30th marked in grey in my official calendar.Applying for leave on 31st was the next chore in hand.And then finally tickets to that sleepy town-Palakkad! Its summer back in Kerala and am looking forward to the ripe mangoes and jackfruits waiting
for me!Reminds me of those sultry afternoons during the summer vacation when there was
absolutely no option about going out.I used to make myself as comfortable as possible before
the TV with juicy mangoes in hand....

And come June ,it rains cats and dogs!I studied in a school where summer vacation began a
little late and stretched to mid June.For the other schools in the state,June 1 is Day 1 for
the next year.And the monsoon in Kerala plays the prank every time. It lets out all its fury
right from that day! Its really a sight to watch kids return from school,drenched to their
skins despite their raincoats and umbrellas.Once back home,there is a lot of hard work to be
done...the brand new leather shoes is completely soaked,an entire bucket full of water is
wrung out of the socks and the uniform no longer identifies your school! But as all kids
knew,that was all mama's job...:-) How I miss those days!! Kerala,I miss you! And am coming....! Have a nice day!

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Rat said...

Its nice..
To warn Kerala, every time you plan for a visit


Good pix.. Self taken ?