Friday, March 31, 2006


meeeeoooowwww.." My eyebrows shot up--"Now who was this..". With my eyes still fixed on the Lays packet which was now completely empty ,I continued munching the last of the lot,wishing the packet contained what the manufacturers promised-100 g of potato chips..but its always 50 g potato chips and 50 g of nature's fine composition(nitrogen-78%,oxygen-21%,carbon dioxide-0.03% and other gases-0.07%) called air. The amphitheatre was almost empty at around this time except for a few people enjoying their evening snack."Its getting late..I have to hurry up to my desk and finish my work for today before I can leave by the seven 'o clock bus,and then I have to go to the.." "MEEEEEEEOOOOOWWWWWW"..this time louder and thoughts slammed on the brakes.
I turned my head to the right and there was this grey kitten looking at me with a forlorn face.It looked like any ordinary kitten at first sight.Small grey body curled up like a fur ball with white stripes on it.Little did I know then how surprised I would be in a few minutes time. "hmmm???"..."meeeeeoooowwww" came the reply. I shifted my body so that we were face to face."Ok sweetie,am listening..whats your problem?" . I knew I looked totally foolish talking to a kitten like that,but the tiny thing really had my attention drawn!
Expecting another hopeless meeoww I continued like an idiot.." I know you have problems too...probably your mama screamed at you for something,or you flunked in an exam,or that you are hungry...but its all part of life gotta live it.."..tossing my hair ,I looked out into the darkness in a melodramatic fashion that comes naturally to me when I say something highly philosophical!
"Who do you think you are talking to,huh??" This was too much of a response to get for what I expected I would get from the kitten(what would you hope to hear from a CAT other than a meeeow????). "W-w-w-w-w-w-what was that???" As I turned my head to face the object of my attention ,my jaws dropped down! In the place of the little kitten with that oh-so-sad expression was the same kitten with a smile (yeah,a real S-M-I-L-E) on its face,grinning at me!

"Who spoke just now??" ...I looked around at the empty amphitheatre..not a single soul. "Haha,you still don't believe that it was me who spoke,right?"..the smile was irking me now. A talking kitten???Have I started hallucinating too!!!
"Ok,little girl,let me explain...Am Almighty God from Heaven.Everyday when I visit Earth,I make it a point to visit atleast one software professional in this world.And you are the 12,456,567 th person I have talked to.".."There are more software engineers can find that number in Bangalore itself!And you have talked to only so many?" I mused out aloud."Thats cos I don't talk to them unless they take pains to talk to me...Software professionals have become so engrossed in their own activities that it takes little pranks like this to remind them that there other things in life.."The Kitten replied. "And you think this would help?"..I was feeling smaller and smaller before that tiny thing claiming to be God Himself.
"What would help you mean??Finished off the entire Lays packet by yourself,huh??? And you sit here blah-blahing nonsense to yourself!Why don't we make a move now?Its almost seven!"..I looked up at the voice ..I could make out my friend's figure in the darkness. "Oh sorry..where were you? Lets go..." I replied,feeling a little shaky.
As I got up to go,I feared looking to my right.But the temptation was overwhelming.I tried looking out through the corner of my eyes...nothing there.where is the..?? I took two steps forward and as though I had forgotten something I turned back and looked at where I had sat. "Whats it?Did you leave anything behind ?" my friend asked. "No...but where is the.." my voice trailed away,as I kept searching in the emptiness for vain.Looking straight ahead but with a defeated face,I strolled silently with my friend.As I walked away slowly,my friend carelessly asked.."Lots of cats here,right?Do you like them??"..Back in the amphitheatre,a small smile appeared on the face of the lone fur ball in the darkness...nobody saw it ....

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