Monday, April 03, 2006

The Importance of Emoting(With Care)

So you think I am going to talk non-stop on the importance of emotions in our life and how we should show our loved ones that we care,trust and love them more than ourselves and that more than what we feel for them,what matters is how we express the same?? Naah...those are all topics written by so many people so many times that it would be like digging them out of their graves...let them rest in peace...:-)

Am talking about emoting on a different plane -- emoting even when you are typing on the key board! Yes dude,this time you guessed it right! Thanks to the ever-green hero who discovered those pretty combinations of punctuation marks,my blog has had a narrow escape from extinction!

Emoticons (Rather Emote-Icons) was probably the first revolutionary step which changed the notion that display of emotions were signs of buddy,its trendy to emote!! The more emoticons you use, the cooler you are seen as! Though only a handful of emoticons have managed to find place in people's hearts,most of them do know the existence of weird ones like dogs,cats, rainbow etc!

The importance of emoting on the e-plane can be caught with the following
example.Consider the sentence and their huge difference in meanings those little curly things at the end make...
--> I am going home :-) ( glad!!!)
--> I am going home :-( ( bf and I had plans for a nice outing!Its ruined!)
--> I am going home X-( ( i have had enough talking to leaving!)
I know I needn't have mentioned all that so explicitly..but when it comes to using
emoticons,I really want all of you to take some care...for I have been in grave situations when I accidently typed :-X instead of X-( when I was almost yelling at a friend! And his surprise :-o and a "Are you ok? " message helped me realise my folly..and we did have a good laugh after that ..(haha...thks to the emoticons culture,we could solve our difference of opinion amicably!) .. So aint that friendly curly thing cool to use??? Happy Emoting...:-)cheers!!!

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Rat said...

True !
Very true..
The other day, I was going through a spcl edition supplement of the leading regional language newspaper..
A fun article..
And boy!!! How many places, I wanted to see this emoticon ;-)
Then i realised, i'm not in the tech-world, but in the print-world...

BTW, emoticon is a conglomeration of emotion + icon. Just FTIOR