Thursday, April 20, 2006

What Happens on a Boring Day...Mission Makeover.

Let me tell you something I discovered very recently.The height of stupidity of your actions on a particular day is directly proportional to the degree of boredom on that day.And I haven't yet found out the relation between the degree/extent of disasters caused due to this stupidity and the number of times you have thought Murphy's Laws are to be used only with jokes!
It had been a nice lazy holiday.Having woken up very late in the morning,I was getting those "How do I spend the rest of the day" blues by ten. Watching Tv was not a bad option.But true to my ways,I started getting restless. Glancing at the mirror on my way back to my room lit a bulb in my head... Back in the room,my only other roomie who had a holiday too was busy on the phone.
I took a skeptic look at myself in the mirror."Mirror,mirror on the wall,who is the prettiest of all??"..that was a dramatic-Me! But no reply.The hair of the person in the mirror looked like a dull mass of hornet's nest,eyes too lifeless..the material looked mirror-cracking .Having examined the sordid image,I rummaged through my chest of draw.. took my hair brush (I will say it a thousand times-a good brush,good one,very good one,very very good one!!!) and "sorted out" the chaos.
By then another curious roomie had joined in what I had secretly named Mission Makeover. She got so excited by the thought of dressing me up that she got her entire make-up kit ready within seconds! What followed was a half an hour smearing-blending-more-smearing-and more blending of more than the 256-True Colour palette on my face.
A quick look at the mirror confirmed that things were going ultra-fine. And then it happened...thanks to Murphy,if anything can go wrong,it will. Having completed the "raid" in my draw,I quickly shifted to my friend's draw.A hair roller...yes..the perfect find. I carefully took out a handful of hair close to my forehead and gently rolled it on the hair roller...once..twice...thrice...and again...and...ouch...oops....oh no...godddddddd....damn it....I couldn't undo the rolls...the roller was stuck to my hair! "Nooooooo......." I screamed dramatically..and my friends came rushing towards me. After a fifteen minute merciless chortle,three "hair-experts" pounced on the roller,trying franctically to pull out the hair from it.And I was yelping like a wounded puppy cos yeah,it hurt me sooooooo much! :-((
Parachute hair oil, water,Sunsilk shampoo,Himalaya Protein Conditioner....everything failed to help us. The futility of the attempt was being realised as the clock ticked by...Matters were moving from bad to worse.One hour since the occurence of "the bright idea", I was surrounded by a grand audience echoing my yelps whenever my friend tugged at my hair. I realised that there was no way I could untangle my hair from the roller.Armed with a pair of scissors,my exhausted friend took one last look at the tangle and I heard the sweet sound-"swish-swash-swish-swash"....the scissors were working quickly.
That was the fitting finale of Mission Makeover.A fringe of hair falling on my adamant that it wouldn't get pinned up into my pony tail.

Moral - Rolling brushes gather all the hair.So please be cautious.

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