Thursday, April 06, 2006

E for Emraan "Kissme" :-* !!!

Yesterday,one my friends commented that I write a lot of stuffs classified as
"unintelligible" by "lesser mortals" like him.So today,I am trying to safe-land on a zone which would hopefully be more intelligible-- the title must have been of some use to make a not-so-wild-guess as to what I might write about ;-)
The birth of this star occured when Bollywood was slowing its pace..movies were being churned out every second like in a after the other and painfully steroetyped. Hero meeting heroine,falling in love,dancing around trees,heroine's dad watching,heroine locked in room,dishoom dishoom at hero's end,bleeding nose,sad version of the happy tree song,dad's hearts melt,hero and heroine unite and happy ending! A packet of pop corn,one cone of ice cream and a happy ending at your end too! Damn it! Even the routine was getting stereotyped!
And then came Hashmi-with "Murder".He hit off so well among the Indian audience after his "never-before performance" in the movie that the Indians screamed "encore!!" and soon enough "Zeher","Aashiq banaya aapne" ,"Aksar" and others followed.Sure enough,he turned the path of Indian Cinema from the usual run-of-the-mill stories,but creating a new genre ,at the cost of raising many eye brows!
For,here was a man who had better options to use his lips than utilize it for
mundane tasks like speaking and eating! And he did what he best could in all the movies now lovingly called "hashmi-styled movies" :-D (if you know what I meant!) Who would have imagined that a man with so tiny lips would actually manage to create a saga titled "The Art of Kissing"!!
A typical Hashmi movie would go thus(refer to the previous sequence for appreciating the depth of difference brought in)- Hero (one of the less popular actors in Bollywood) is ALREADY married to heroine ( whoa!! that should have meant "The End",but its just "the Beginning" here !!) Enter Hashmi - oops,he is heroines ex-flame. Heroine tries to keep him away,but his magnetism is too over powering (song sequence follows) ,kissing,kissing and more kissing....still kissing...still more kissing..(phew,hashmi is still not tired!!!)...husband(our hero) doubts "meri biwi par shak he"..scope for a new character role -- The Investigator( Best Award for role as Investigator-to be included in Cine Awards soon)-jo biwi aur ex-flame ke photo kheenchtha he. Heroine is shocked on seeing the photos. A murder of hashmi occurs. "pulis" aa jaate he..biwi takes the blame on herself,hubby also does the same-- "kya??" ..bechara "pulis" is confused! Then after some mess and a fuss and a song sequence,somehow the movie ends (fortunately). Pop corn over,ice cream over,happy ending(??) ,I don't know..:-)


sandeep said...

birth of a new hero?

the new superstar in bollywood with films diff from the usual is no one but saif ali khan.. (salam namaste, being cyrus and much more to come)

hashmi is just a "flash" hero, lasting maybe for milliseconds..

murder was hit(?) coz of mallika sherawat also.. he had nothing much to do..

Rat said...

Having said so much about the serial kisser, one thing has gone un-noticed.
This guy, incredibly gets all those hit songs to his name.. I shouldnt under-rate them by typing hit.. These are country wide (world wide?) smash hits.. Some songs worth reference are
1. Kaho na Kaho (murder)
2. Woh Lamhe (rock solid hit - Zeher)
3. Jhalak Dikhlaja (Aksar)
4. Ya Ali (Gangster)
5. Tu hi meri Shab hai (Gangster)

I bet I've missed many, but no regrets. And you may argue, What the hell has this guy got to do with the songs that he get picturised on? True, but its luck.. More than that.. Who would have imagined in their wildest nightmare that this guy will get an album to his name "Emraan Hits" ?!!! Dodge That!