Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Fwd : Important,Must Read...!!

Reminds you of all the junk mails(not spam,mind ya!) you receive everyday from your closest of the closest friends,right? The ones you lovingly kill hitting the delete button ,sending them right away to their graves - ironically called the recycle bin ( do they actually get recycled? Like a life after death perhaps!!! )

Why do we go "grr.." seeing a forwarded mail ,at the same time hesitate once(no..twice?? or thrice..??) before hitting the delete button??? Why do we loathe at the sight of a forwarded message from a friend,but still make it a point to read it ,knowing very well that it might be the dirtiest PJ???

There have been different types of forwarded messages..the most favourite among them being the surd jokes and wildest one liner PJ's which begin like."Why did blah-blah do something blah-blah?"..and then it asks you to scroll down and down and down and down into the bottom of the earth with inspiring messages like "think..think" and "socho...zara socho yaar" strewn in between,trying their best to bring out the "genius" in you..but alas..after 26 frantic rotation of your scroll key on your mouse,you are left with a cardiac arrest!How come (and more importantly WHO IN THE HELL..) they come up with such absurd PJs!!!

And then there are the classic notorious "Send it to 10 people or you are doomed" versions of forwarded messages.Uggghhh....From Gayathri mantra,Chinese Totem to Love Magic (which claims that if you send it to 3 people,your bf will call you now,5 people- your bf will take you out for dinner,10 people-hold your breath,he might even propose!!! ) which secretly knows how to guess out to how many people you have mailed and perform the "appropriate magic" within oh-my-god-next-2-hours!!!!

Another class is a senti-stuff message...drive carefully,don't drink while driving..or you will face the fate of Martin (and the gory pictures of some person who has supposedly met with an accident).Spoils your day! But out of all this junk,there are few messages that really brighten up your day! When you very badly want a break and go through all those new forwarded messages that have landed
in your mailbox,you do hope and wait for that damn good joke which will send you rolling on the floor with laughter and prompt you to hit the "Forward" button-- and hence the chain continues :-)cheers!!!


Sreeram said...

Very well written, Soorya. Some points even echo my thoughts regarding the forwareded mails. Esp, those that say.. if u dont fwd this to 20 diff ppl in the next 20 odd mins, ur life will be doomed for the next 200 generations! Boy, do I hate them! And interestingly enough, look at the ppl who fwds it... Guys n gals who have spent at least cpl of semesters in their B.Tech learning and re-iterating how IP works, how HTML works... and now the same "they" fwds it! I have made it a point to stop that chain! So, any such mails coming to my mailbox sees on "leaf" on the tree...

Last, but not the least, I really like your blogging style. Its simple and to the point. Also, I see that ur blog updates pretty quickly... I must make sure that I keep a tab on it.. Keep the good work going.

soorya said...

thanx a ton sreeram! that was a huge bucket-full of encouragement i hv ever got for my blog!!I'll make it a point to kee this space as alive as possible!! :-)

Rat said...

Never seen anything like this..
It is highly visible that this post reflects a lot from the experiences and personal life. The barricade of the commanding position with the immaculate proposition of tranquility being betrothed due to the stupendous failure of the national integrity..

ini ee blog onnu vaayikkatte

Sreeram said...

Not a problem soorya... If you have posts for me, I will have comments as encouragements for you.