Friday, April 28, 2006


Sometimes I have wondered..
--> Why everybody looks beautiful when they smile?

--> Why everytime you question the existence of God ,He proves his existence making
impossible things possible?

--> Do bed-time stories and lullabies really put one to sleep?

--> Why does the phone take such a long time to ring when you are eagerly waiting for it to ring?

--> And when it finally does ring, why does it happen that most of the time its a wrong

--> Why do we have tears in our eyes after a good laugh?

--> Why does my bus come late when I am early and come early when I am late?

--> Why is it that even though you doodle your signature perfectly on every piece of paper you find near you when you are on the phone,but when it comes to signing 5 pages of a document,all your signatures end up looking entirely different?

--> Why is it that there is nothing interesting on the TV once the battle for the remote is over and you have won it?

To be contd.. (if there are not too many protests from my blog readers!!!)


Rat said...

Murphy e ariyaamo ?
Ayaalude vikruthiyaa..
Say no use (paranjittu kaaryamilla)

sandeep said...

Yeah.. answers in murphy's laws..

(I'm a murphy fan.. haha)

Sreeram said...

Wow girl!! Some nice thoughts there. Some of your qns do have scientific reasons. But others just have psychological reasoning.

Few more from my personal experience:

Why is the postman always late when I am waiting for my interview results??

And why does a minute have 60000 millseconds and not 60 seconds when I am waiting for something??

And finally,

Why does my boss come exactly when I am reading the news and not when I am finalizing the release of my app??

Well... before he comes now, lemme escape...

Jokes apart, good one Soorya.

bala said...


Rat said...

wyear yis the continuvashan ?

sandeep said...

kore nalayallo puthiya blog ittittu?

readers r waiting... :)