Wednesday, April 05, 2006


There is this neat pile of books at my home stacked away in a dusty corner , each of them looking not a bit like the other in their appearance,shape and colour...but they all share one similarity.Every book has lots of pages filled up with writings,musings and pictures,little souvenirs tucked in with love in the first half of the book while the other half is almost bland...wondering what these books are? They are my journals through the years - I,Me,Myself- Unedited.

An old saying goes "Paper is more patient than man" and every crazy thought strewn across those pages of a journal is a testimony to this fact.Sometimes I have wondered what I would do with all those journals I have maintained through right from when I was 12 years of age. And I think I am going to read all that junk (!!) after a few years,probably share it with my family too,and enjoy a good laugh (thats the only best thing I can think of now!).Sometimes I get so embarassed about few of my cranky ideas etched in there that I even thinking of burning them all away! But that invisible string tugs at your heart and you put off the idea.

Getting specific about my journals,as I mentioned earlier,the process gets kick started with much fire and fury in the first half of year....with almost all the pages scribbled about anything and everything under the sun...right from the fight I had with my best friend to how I was chased by a dog and ran for my life hoping no one had seen it! Post July,the laziness takes a toll on me and frequency of scribbles reduces drastically and by December,there would have been atleast half a dozen pages of apologies for not writing anything! Come January,its again a new beginning,a fresh dairy,but same old me again :-)

First few years,my journal even had pictures of the daily events..cartoons...what not!Advancing through the years,pictures reduced,daily chore jottings also reduced and I tried evolving by writing about serious stuffs.By the end of the year I realised serious writing was not my cup of tea cos the entire journal was the worst one I had ever written!

And now with blogging,a beautiful new vista of I,Me,Myself-Unedited series has opened before me....with a serious risk factor--the blunders and stupidity is now open for the world to see! But I am definitely enjoying it!! What about you..?

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