Friday, April 21, 2006

A-Z Bangalore - Enjoy Maadi..

A for Appukuttan Nair
B for BMTC
C for Compilation errors
D for Deadlines!!!
E for E-mails
F for (The) Forum

G for Green City Clean City
H for yeah,no points for guessing the right answer,its Hosur road
I for Information Technology
J for J2EE???
K for "Kannada Gothilla" :-)
L for Lalbagh Flower Show
M for will find them everywhere here!
N for Network Busy
O for Oh My God,it crashed again!

P for Paying Guests
Q for Queue Please
R for Radio Cityyyyyy....91 FM
S for Sukh Sagar,Shanthi Sagar and the sea of other Sagars..
T for Traffic ,traffic,,,,
U for see..
V for Virus Alert!
W for Windows is shutting down..Saving your personal settings..
X for Well,this is left for the Blog readers... :-D
Y for Yipee!Today is Friday!
Z for Zoom-in (+) Zoom Out (-)

Have a nice day!


sandeep said...

X for?
X for XP, Xtra, Xerox, x86, XXX(rum I meant), Xtra-mile and eXes :)

Anyway, good work.. Let's see how popular it gets..

Rat said...

X for Xeferestocious

Geo said...

X for Xonostrohical Xtugunasty

Rat said...

Sho.. nammal ellaam ithra nishkalankar aayippoyallo... Maanyathayude udhaatha maathruka.

soorya said...

thks all for the response on "x" :-D

Sreeram said...

Soorya, this is not fair...

C should have been for C or C++ or C#... :((..

Ranjith said...

Surya , Good blog..looks like we have some thoughts in common..keep up the good work..