Friday, June 09, 2006

The Secret of a Melodious Bath

I have wondered what is it about the bathrooms that inspire you to howl and crown oneself a "Fantabulous Bathroom Singer" however badly you sing(howl)..If my memory hasn't already begun to falter, I have been an incorrigible bathroom singer right from the days I could manage to utter sounds and so would most of us I guess..What began with "twinkle twinkle little star" gradulally evolved(and is still evolving) to a grand orchestra,full with surround and feels-like-woofers effect which unfortunately,is not loved by peace-loving souls living in my neighbourhood!

Its probably got to do with the echo inside them..or is it the rhythmic sound of water splashing from the shower that sends your "melody bone" tickling..May be its just the "freaky" feeling one gets when its water water everywhere which makes you want to scream with all your might!!! That stress-free feeling when one gets when the water from the shower trickles down your face,around the corners of your mouth as you screeeeeaaaam to you hearts content is truly unsurpassable! I guess people
ought to do without all those stress busters for a change and try this new technology stress-busting solution one day - absolutely no side-effects (ahem,neighbours should be bribed) , pollution-free and just-free :-)

These days my personal top chartbusters are all by the ever-loved-sad-faced-constant-stub-decaying-cap Himesh Reshmiya. Though I haven't been able to imitate his nasal voice exactly,I am pretty much close to it and am sure by the time he finds an answer as to why he is he so sad 24 hours a day,I would have got the art of nasal-singing perfect. My effort to perfection began when I realised to my pleasant surprise that Himesh Reshmiya songs had a surreal feel to it when sung in a bathroom! From then,there was no looking back ... And boy!am glad!

Result ? No more monday more hair dandruffs... no chip-chip-baal ... no more sar dards.....hahah..just
kidding... ;-)


Rat said...

Among the probable 'reasons' for 'playback singing' in bathrooms would be this - the sound of water filling the room which gives u the notion that your talent would remain confined to the 5(?!) walls of the room. I realise this is a pure notion when my dad recites the world famous doha of Jassi Gift 'Lajjaavathiye' in bathroom. I quit this art that day, an emerged a daylight singer (but again, confined myself to the boundaries of my house) :-)

Sandeep Sadanandan said...

Am sure it's not the walls of the bathroom or anything. I do sing(howl) even when I am having bath in the river. The songs usually coming will be dasettan's old melodious hits...

And In my case, when the water is cold, the songs are fast beat songs....
(thanuppu kuravaayi thonnum :)

- sands.

Sreeram said...

One more hit from "the writer"!

Well, a little self thought first. As a matter of fact, I do use it as a stress reliever, so, the technology is already patented :P. Now, I myself and many of my friends (the donkeys come last!!) have thought along the same lines. While I am taking my bath, not just songs come, thoughts flow to the max! I get strange ideas towards my research and work. I think clearly!! I believe, this has to do with the soothing feeling of the bath and the time when you can "focus". While taking bath, you have no distractions, I must say. And, your thoughts flow freely.

As far as the correlation between the shower, the vocal cord and the "chord"... hmmm, probably, NO STAGE FRIGHT! No fear of public shame (similar to what I mentioned regarding practising English speaking). You are the singer, you are the listener, you are the commenter. Any small beauty in rendering a note will boost the morale and ego to the max, I guess. And, the human mind is a praise yearner...

All said and done, I have another blog to read from my fav blogger ;) "Sounds in the Silence..". What a speed!