Friday, May 12, 2006

Murphy's Laws vs Murphy's Loss

Long long ago,so long ago,nobody knows how long ago,there lived a girl,thats you, who was a great follower of Murphy. Especially his law "If anything can go wrong,it will".

Mistake #1 : There is this great mail which claims that your MSN inbox will grow astronomically if you follow the steps given. Playing the role of the Good Samaritan,you decide to forward it to your cousin brother d xyz.

Mistake #2 : (The biggest and the most-deciding mistake (a.k.a factor) ) Its a common belief that there are 9 other (wo)men around the world like you. After the theory got customized to be compatible with the 21st century IT world,it reads "There MIGHT be people (number varies) around the world who MIGHT have only semi-different name as yours(say abc d,in our case),but under certain circumstances ,would find it no harm to create an e-mail address which would resemble your name (ie,,probably because xyz was a common surname) " Btw,this belief could also explain why you got the message saying the e-mail id was already in use when you tried to create a fresh one in your name.

Mistake #3 : You don't exactly remember the mail id of d xyz cousin of yours..and since being over-smart was a default nature embedded in you since birth, you think its one of
--> (reasoning : he had another id like
--> : the 'd' seems out of place)
--> (reasoning : thats a common strategy right?)
Mistake #4 : Since "inkie-pinkie-ponkie" has been your all-time-reliable-shoulder to lean on when in dilemma (in this case - a 'tri'lemma?), you don't think twice before chanting it aloud. And lo and behold, after two strenuous round of elimination, emerges winner.
Mistake #5 : Simple and short ,also the most threatening - The mail was decided to be sent to from
Mistake #6 : You think all is well.
Mistake #7 : On a mail-check,you come across a reply to the one previously sent. You decide to open it and read.
Mistake #8 : You read it. (This is classified as a different mistake from #7 coz #7 was a mistake with decision and #8 was a mistake with action. :-D )
Mistake #9 : "Who is this?? I don't know you". You laugh out loud and tell yourself "Haha, I know Mr abc d xyz is trying to fool me" :-))..And yeah,you laugh louder...louder..
Mistake #10 : You reply - "Its meeeeeeeeee".. Informative indeed! Wikipedia wouldn't have performed that answering as well as you!
Mistake #11 : He replies "Who is meeeeeeeee??From what I can make out,you seem to be a student..blah blah.. ". And you still think Mr abc d xyz is fooling you,especially since he has delivered all the right info about you. Still... :-(
Until now, it had been Murphy's Laws all the way,stealing all the glitter and glamour of the show - things going wrong...followed by more things going wrong..followed by even more things going wrong...Will something go right please?

And then Murphy's Loss(To expand,Murphy's Laws's Loss,the second word being silent) comes into action...
If anything can go right,it might...
< Curtains raise>
<New Friend_Request name="xyz_dlmn" Accept_request="0">
< Status >

Pending...viewing profile...thinking....trying to way...whoz this guy in picture??....wrack your brains found...oops...!!
Cerebellum crashed...restart machine...think again..."aiyyyo....ithu lavan...aano? appo matte lavan alle e lavan alle a lavan alle e lavan???? e lavan e(lectronic)- lavan aanu...a lavan ende cousin aanu...athu ve,ithu re ..ippo technique pidi kitti...
Once again proved that you are the greatest dumbo ever to have been born! Anyways, apology ,mail sent to xyz_dlmn for mailing to his id thinking it was abc d xyz's.
Change Accept_request to 1(why?zimbly..for fun).
</New Friend Request>

<chat_window name="abc_dlmn">

you : hi there! how are u?
he : fine..and u?
you : me too...that was extremely hilarious incident..don't u think so? :-D .. right mails landing in wrong inbox!! am sorry for the mess...!
he : thats tell me something abt urself..
you : blah blah blah..
he : blah blah blah..
he : ok,me gotta run now...bye..nice talking to u...cya sometime soon...
you : same here! bye!


<caller name="you">

you : hi :-)
he : hi :-)
you : blah blah
he : blah blah
</ Scene#3>
< members name1="abc dlmn" name2="you">

you : hi :-)
he : hi :-)
you : blah blah
he : blah blah
<Movie name="Hum Apke he Kaun">
<members name1="abc dlmn" name2="you">

you : hi :-)
he : hi :-)
you : blah blah
he : blah blah
</ members>
</Movie >
< Scene#6>
wat next? to be done... ;-)
<Scene#7 >
wat next? to be done... ;-)
things go on....
And they lived happily ever-after??? ;-) To hell with Murphy's Laws...
Bottom line : If anything can go right,it will...
</Curtains raise>


unni said...

well done!
pakshe aa html onnum manasilaayilla!

Geo said...

welcome to the family

Geo said...

in case u r still clueless - bethany family...

ee tharavaattile thala mootha oru kaaranavar enna nilakku... :_))

soorya said...

thks unni and geo..:-)
html manasilaayilla alle? saaramilla..cos it was xml :-D

and kaaranavar_inde formal invitation_inum thks hows life in chicag(e)o :-)

Dipu said...

Finally cut thru all the markup language (pretty heavy for my delicate brain) - And of course, melcowe to the group :-)

soorya said...

sorry to irritate ur delicate brain dipu,but i had no choice ;-) and the 'welcome' seems a lil ulta na tedha...huh??? :-D

Rat said...

aarkelum enthelum manasilaayo ?
manasilaayenkil aaa right hand onnu pokkiye..

Rat said...

enikku manasilaaayiiiiiiiiii..
fox.. lathaayathu..
you send a mail to he.
he send a mail to you.
you read the mail that he sent.
then he reads the mail that you sent.
then you reply
and he reply
then he and you chat
(and vice versa)
Thats all your owner

Rajesh said...

yevidunn copy addichada? pakshe is the message conveyed

soorya said...

all msg conveyed i believe..alle Rat? ;-)

Maheshalakkat said...
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