Monday, October 09, 2006

Macrophotography Lessons from Sand :-))))

" The Complete Man "

Howzzat?? That's from Sand's shirt !!

" Ma'am's name in bold " :-)

Guess what that is... its my key chain with my name on it. And its placed on his denims ..Cool effect na?

" Time and tide waits for none "

Sand's watch :-))

" Smoking is injurious to health "

Naah,my guy doesn't smoke ;-) This cigarette butt was the first thing that caught our eyes when we were hunting for our prey ...

Photos Courtesy and "Its-mine"-selfish-child-syndrome (read Copyright :D) : Sandeep (more photos at

PS - Sand, don't forget the chocolates for this publicity ;-)


Rat said...

i bet these are pics sand captured, and not you! Good pics.. And the dark blue background of the blog makes it awesome combo..

sandeep said...

ellam moshtichalle??? btw, setting sun-ne lakshyamaayi parakkunna aa beemanam foto evide?? athalle kidilam??? ;-)

soorya said...

:-) njan nerthe paranjille its sand's ennu.. ennittu ippo public aayi moshanam aaropanam! btw that foto,though kidilam,doesn't fall under macrophotgraphy defintion..thats why didn't post it...
@ rat, yeah ,shot by sand,learnt by soo. btw,wat blue backgrd??? i thought it was green!

Aditya Gollapudi said...

nice pics! wat lens did u use?