Thursday, November 23, 2006

And am Engaged!!!!

Its been a very long time since I used this space and I feel so sick thinking about it.. So today,being in a very carefree mood and more importantly, with no work to keep me from whiling away time, I thought i will use it to declare something important in here.

Rather than write about something, I thought I can write about someone today : Me :-) and whats going on in my life these days!

Btw Readers, the other day I got engaged :-)) I know, I sound like as if I said "The other day I went for Casino Royale" . But then, its true :-D ,believe me, I did get engaged..lolz!!! Also,I request you to read "The Other Day" as Oct 29th, almost a month ago!

The guy is ...well...err...never mind :-) And though I know its a little late and it should have happened when I was in Std 9th itself (I think I have mentioned this in one of my previous post) , am relieved that its finally happened ;-)And yeah, see my ring.... :-)


Rat said...

a lil more detailed one can be found following the 'Rat' :-D

Sandeep said...

you didn't mention which ring ;-)

soorya said...

@ Rat, thanks for the detailed post :-D

@ Sandeep, Grrrr... Who else wud know it better, but u!