Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Story of the Notorious Wedding Card...

I am only a week old, a simple colourful image file, created out of the fantasies of a young couple about to be married. It seems my creators did foresee that I will be popular with a lot of people and I would bring a smile to many a face during moments of boredom in between coding and compiling, even though I didn't have to serve them the purpose for which I was created. And well, I proved to be beyond their expectations of me !!

My creators named me okt-ver2,a humble name sans glamour, though I protested when I saw that my name contained a '-' ! So strange! No means of protest survived and I thought I would have to live my entire life with that name! But now I have lots of nick names, so many that even my creators themselves don't have a clue!

A couple of days after I was born, my creators let me loose into a new world.. it was a puzzling web initially,but later on, with God's blessings, I mastered the skill of wading through it. My creators had sent me to around 50 of their friends and I was to carry out the Mission-Invitation. I did that job wonderfully and everybody who saw me appreciated my work and I even managed to have a reasonably large fan following..(of course, without my creators knowledge! )

Soon, I met more nice people and made lots of new friends , who kept introducing me to atleast another 10 set of people every 5 minutes!!! My friends circle was growing at an alarming geometric progression that my creators started getting aware of my popularity! I was skeptical about how they would react about this unexpected popularity from all the four corners.. but they took it in their stride!

And today, I know not how many mailboxes I live in.. because my creators have lost count of the places I have visited! My creators must be missing me , but little do they know that I have kept coming back to them once in a while , though with a different name each time , to tell them that I am still alive and bringing a smile on more faces as I widen my network of friends...And to think I was created just for a handful of people alone!!!!

People leave behind memories when they die... My turn to leave also will come as soon my mission is done...in a month,to be precise..but am sure people who loved me will have a special place for me somewhere...always... Thank you,its been nice meeting all of you!!

Yours truly, okt-ver2.


Sandeep said...

Mr okt-ver2,

You were created only to invite only a small group of ppl..

Why did u spread like this? :)


Rat said...

orkuttan-te kadha baayichu njaan angu senti aayi.. :(
Enthaayaalum kalyaanathinu 2-3 halls koodi extra book cheythitto, aavashyam barum :-D

Anand said...

Little did ur creators knew
about the outcome when they introduced u to the web...

Little did ur creators knew that these mailboxes loved u & was amused by u..

Little did ur creators knew that you came close to HIV in spreading

And little did ur creaters knew, they would make u as famous as your parent species.

Your creators must be really proud.

Amazing birth..

And have a glorious inevitable death!

soorya said...

@sandeep : did the creators mention a footnote that it was not supposed to spread???

@rat : orkuttan?? aara? entha?? wats going on??

@anand : little did its creators realise that they might hv to taste some "godambu bondas" too :-S ( on the d-day) !

ജേക്കബ്‌ said...

nice writeup...

soorya said...

thanks jacob.. I guess the diskh got it too :-)

Frozen Sun said...

i am ur friend seeth'a brother.. happened to chance up on ur blog and saw this entry.. btw i saw ur creation and wud like to commend the creators.. good work.. :)

ജേക്കബ്‌ said...

s.s. v got it :-) PJ can tell u more abt the reactions :-)

diyadear said...

hi soorya,
glad to meet the creators of that wonderful invitation!!! happy married life!!