Sunday, May 13, 2007

Flash News : Absconding Blogger found in a new marital status!

Am back! After a long period of absence from (b)logam, I thought I needed a break from the busy life I was living! The last note of indication that I was alive happened on Dec 19th..after that life was whroooooommmm!!!! On Jan 21st, I got married to my best(est) friend, we moved to our new home on Jan 30th, honeymooned in Goa,Delhi and Manali and got back after a nice luxuriously pampered holiday, on Feb 10th, sun kissed and full of enthu ... only to be bit by the reality ---> " OUR NEW HOME " sounds romantic enough, but the flip side of the coin reveals the 2 BHK's pathetic condition ... the word "new" in "Our new home" is a far call to being romantic, unless it happens like in the ads on TV where the hero brings in the heroine blind-folded into the new house and the moment he unfolds her, the song sequence flows in .. "yeh he mera ghar..mera hamsafar.." and the heroine takes alook around at the beautifully lit house,sparkingly clean and decorated...hugs the hero and the name of the Paints come on the screen! For the two of us,the house was still very much terrifyingly new...which roughly translates to something like the moment you open the main door,you should be closing your nose rather than your eyes coz you are greeted with a cloud of dust.. step in with your right foot forward and as you move on, you will turn back and see that you have indeed lovely foot prints against the film of cement powder on the floor.

So with both of us literally "biting the dust", there was nothing other than dusting, vaccuming, cleaning, mopping, dusting, cleaning, mopping, again vaccuming, shopping, more shopping, still more shopping, exchanging shopped items, transfering goods here and there, bringing our things to the 3rd floor taking the stairs coz the lifts were not functional...phew!!! In one week, with the able support from my mom and dad, we were almost settled.. (and so had the dust!)..

Soon the kitchen had some activities going on ..Thanks to mom! Every other day on my way back in the bus I would remind myself that I will have to do the cooking once mom goes back to Kerala and so learn to cook atleats one dish today! But sadly enough, by the time I reached home, point one ,I would be dog tired after being mentally over powered by 2 major traffic jams and a mosquitoe laden bus.. point two , mom would have already got the dinner ready! :-(

After a week's no-responsibilities-yet-married (!!) state of bliss, my dad and mom left to Kerala (boo-hoo!!) and the truth stuck me.. The kitchen is under my jurisdiction ! With the highly infectious compliments from hubby dear ( I taste the curry and tastes amazing... and he tastes it and I wait and watch his expressions and look away only after I make sure that he starts feeling " tastes amazing" :-)) ) I managed to have a good start with veggie dishes and during an auspicious weekend, I laid my hands on fishes as well. The Success Story in the Kitchen was taking me to the seventh heaven and the feeling of pride was as obvious as the taste of salt in my dishes and day 2 nice juicy pieces of neimeen turned to karimeen ( :(( --> karimeen = karinja + meen )! That one incident was enough to bring me down from a feeling-of-high aka Am-I-Tarla-Dalal !

After 3 months,am still picking up the basic lessons of cooking..I have 2 books that I hold close to my heart for survival--> both self authored by a famous cook back home (yeah, my mom!) which gives me detailed instructions like no one can give (Eg : Take 3/4th spoon of salt if you are using the spoon inside your salt dabba or take 1 spoon in case you are using the new ones we bought from ******* super market! Or in another instance, she says, take the dal from the
jars on the left cup-board ,so that I don't demonstrate my famous dal-indentification-knowlege (or lack of it) !)

So life has been treating me good...and so has my husband :) (News about my "animal husbandry" (!!) would require yet another am saving it for the next time...I have loadddddsss to tell you !!)

And in case you thought I was sticking to my home..naah... am back at work too...and juggling the 2 totally different "applications" decently well :-))

Time for me to make dinner now...Catch u on another day...Till then...Take care... and Get married soon... (Believe me,all those nasty quotes of weddings are nothing but media-hype ;-) Actually,its great!!)


Rat said...

Mom's notes sound hillarious :-D
Aa book onnu kittuvo ? :-DD

soorya said...

Highly confidential ennoru page -il mom vendakka aksharathil ezhutheettundu ...