Friday, May 18, 2007

Is Google Sexist???????

I got this mail from a friend which went on to say that Men have finally won over women and that there is a proof..I thought it must be yet another mail thread where in the whole of the women clan is made to look like a world of blondes ! (Now, I don't have anything against the blondes... I want no controversies here!! Its just that "blondes" have almost become synonymous to ..err..well..."blessed-with-brains-yet-unaware-of-its-presence" kind) . As I scrolled down, I expected pics of how women hvae parked their cars in never-before manners or how they have rammed into somebody else's car (women's driving skills are always in question!!! ) blah-blah... and finally a note to fwd it to "all the men in the world to prove we are superior and to all women who have a good sense of humour" ...well said... !
But no, instead this is what I found... Try typing "she invented" in google search and see the outcome...

Makes me wonder.... Is google a sexist???? :-((


Sandeep said...

Oh boy.. this has bcome a univeral truth? ;-)

maybe you ppl can sue google for sexual discrimination.. :D

Rat said...

When google says, its final.