Thursday, May 24, 2007

Why Everybody needs a Mom like Mine!!!! :-))

Mom was quite shaken when she discovered that she had one of the most deadliest "PJ sense" ..I think it was around the time when my bro was in college... He called it a kind of "parallel thinking". Am strictly prohibited from listing down any of her PJ's on my blog (In fact,she doesn't even want me to tell it to my frnds coz she thinks its awkward for moms to crack PJs!!)
Yesterday, in between the rain of test sms-es I was getting from her (She was learning to type/send sms yesterday!!) ,I msged back asking her to contribute something for my blog if she was free. And here is what she wrote for my blog....

(Its entirely un-edited)
Hi Beti,
Sub:- Mother of a Bloggist(blogger-bloggistsariyalle?)
Once upon a time there lived a bloggist.She lived wth her Mother blogger &Father.Blogging is her hobby & she asked everybod towrite blogs.One day poor Mother blogger tried to blog& fell asleep.The moral of the story is anybody who wants to sleep may write blogs. 'Kutty karayenda.' I liked yourblogs.Especially about your mother,about the cookingskills you have inherited from your mother etc .I went30 years back when I started my experiments in the kitchen. Poor Dad,Now poor Sandy. Anyway carry onwith cooking & blogging.Photograph of girl playing inrain looks nice.I want to see you. .Please come & haveChoodu kappa & meen curry.
I told Etta that I am goingto write blog for Soo."Enikku vayya " ennuparanju.Avan onnum vayikkarilla ennu paranju. Naanpavamalle.Ithu porey.

And I guess now u know why I say "Ende mommy oru rakshayumilla"!!! :-))


All Blog Spots said...

nice blog

All Blog Spots said...
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Rat said...

haha.. ithaano 'mobile blog' ennu parena item ? enthaayalum sangathi kollaam..
enthiro oru comment mele delete cheythathaayi kaanunnu.. kalippaano :-s

soo said...

Mom didn't write it in an sms..she asked dad to send it in a mail. Yeah...commented had to deleted coz it was duplicate.All blog spots is actually some ad.. and commenting is automated i think... (though i set a word verification!) ...kalipponnumilla... ;-)

Anand said...

Yatha Matha Thatha Puthri :-P