Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I love the rains coz....

The skies are cloudy today and it looks like we will have a downpour here tonight.. At last!! Today's post might look very silly and 6-yr-oldish but can't help in such a dunno-wat-to-do-so-bored mood!
So here we go...

I love it when it rains coz..

-> I love watching the dark clouds covering up the skies ready to burst any moment. And that moment when the first big drop of rain splatters on my arm, I am reminded that I have no umbrella with me and that am wearing the newest and my favourite-st clothes which had a tag "Dry-clean only" ... The feeling of utter helplessness as you look around for a shelter not there combined with the glee as it starts pouring is a strange feeling a lil similar to the one you have had when u faced that question paper on computer organization and design back in 4th semester and you saw that all the questions were "out-of-syllabus" and you didn't have a clue as to what they are asking you to elaborate for 15 marks!!! All you did then was look around and giggle. Same here when you are soaked to you skin...

-> I love the smell of the damp earth. It makes me look too poetic and romantic, but naah... just that somehow it makes me want to go home :-(

-> Mom makes kappa-meen curry then for sure !!! A hard-core kappa fan ,my mom sees to it that we have a steaming kappa and spicy meen curry awaiting us when we get back home drenched completely...yummmmyyyy..

-> Most of the time we have the famous power failures!!! And its time to curl up in the bed with a warm blanket and pillow.. No wonder power failures were such a "Most Wanted Phenomenon"!

-> Rains might bring a rainbow... one more thing which I can keep watching until it disappears.. Last week ,I was in the company bus at 6 when I noticed a beautiful rainbow looking like a bridge between two towers. I tried showing it to a girl from the same stop who was sitting next to me.. "Look , there is a rainbow.."..She looked around and asked me "A what?? Where?" .. I said again .."A Rainbow...see there..looks nice na..".. She looked took one look at it and said "Haa..yeah...rainbow" and returned to listenig to the chattering of RJ's on her cell. Got so annoyed.. rainbow vs RJ, RJ wins??? Too bad!!! :-(

-> You are relieved to know that if God himself cries at times (naah..thru out the season!) , its alright for u too to shed a few :-p


Rat said...

rain blog kollaam..
pottam ebdunnaa ?

soo said...

pottam courtesy Google Image Search of keyword 'rain'.... Got so many good pics of rain..but this one struck a chord somewhr... :-)