Saturday, May 19, 2007

Like Daddy Like Daddy-in-Law!

The conversation was turning very interesting one day...Sand and I were discussing about childhood days and the topic carelessly swirled to our dads.. And it didn't take long for us to keep exclaiming "hey, my dad used to say/do the SAME THING when we were kids" after every new point we discussed abt our dads... Surprisingly,the points we noted were in no way helpful to conclude that all daddies around the world were the same coz the similarities we noticed were not something that you would readily tag as a daddyish-behaviour...they were more or less character specific traits,rather than a role-specific trend. AT the back of my mind,I had already decided to blog about this... And here goes the points:

1) Both our dads NEVER EVER used to get us Pepsi/Coke/or any aerated drinks for that matter,when we were young. For me, the restriction went as far as to my teens.

2) Chewing Gum was a strict ban. No matter how efficiently you list down the names of dads of your friends who don't have a blanket-ban on gums, its not going to work here.A ban is a ban is a STRICT BAN !

3) Sand and I,both, had one long-term Homeo doc (not the same) who used to be at our aid when we were running temperatures or when we showed symptoms of measles. He was always The One and Only Doc trusted by our dads.. And the tiny sugary pills were the only medicines that were given to us for a long time in childhood! (One more common point : both of us loved the pills!!:-D )

4) Sea was always a nightmare for both our dads when we were kids (or even in our teens ). Even wetting our legs was a result of a deal made in half-an-hour after we have decided if the legs are to be made wet one inch above the knees or half an inch below. :-)

5) Both our dads used to love getting us masala dosas when we went out in the evening... There was hardly any room for a second thinking when asked what we wanted ! :-) And strangely, ice creams were also in the pls-avoid list for both our dads!! And stranger still, we never protested too !

6) Both our dads love the same fruit :Bananas ! 'Nothing like Bananas' was the common punch line that was mentioned on a daily basis and once this is said, the rule goes without saying that you are supposed to eat atleast 2 after your dinner so that "the loo-blues" are avoided!! :-S

7) "Train-il poyaal cutlet venammmm " :-) And dads ,though try to make us understand that they are made in unhygienic conditions, have to relent to the cries!

8) Both our dads are the "trusted-unofficial career consultant" for many a worried parent of a Standard Xth student and both have a soft corner for the engineering stream and make it a point to suggest a rigorous entrance coaching at trissur from the famous Mr.P.C.Thomas's when asked what stream is the best for their son/daughter who has scored a 98% in their boards!

So much said and done , the discussion was such a relief for both us....coz when you realise that your daddy in law is no different from your own dad , you can be sure that a blog on this would be met with a safe response from either sides and that you needn't duck your head!!!! :-))

Love ya Daddy and Daddy-in-law!

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Rat said...

kollaallo videon..
ithenthaa cucumber town aano ?
dissimilarities onnumille ?

Oru joke orma vannu.
(Not a tinge related to anything being typed here)
One day Shobin comes to Pluto.. And after settling down, cracks this 'joke'

"Enthaa ninte peru?"
"Ente peru Balakrishnan"
"Athaano ninte prashnam?"