Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Enikku ippo blog ezhuthanam!!

A sudden urge caused due to a fleeting siesmic wave travelling from one portion of my brain to another,added to it Sand's discouraging comment "innu venda...pinne oru day ezhuthikko", am here typing away like crazy!! But still I have not decided what to write on and all I know is that I should blog today! Sounds crazy ? I know and I have noticed, the worst of the worst blogs are created when you have nothing to write and still want to write something. So forgive me if this write-up really doesn't appeal..for a change,am writing for myself and have no readers in mind! :-)
As my clock ticks away, I realise I have exactly the same time in my hand as much it takes for the heater to heat my water for my bath! Which means 3 minutes?
Ok,lets start.

Or rather, let us stop?

Yes,its time to stop!! How long are we planning to run like this?? Till you gasp for air and die a painful death?

You start pondering about your life and what is not your life when you realise you are hurrying as if there is no tomorrow! And when those musings come up too frequently, you should take the symptoms , for your life is asking you some precious time for yourself. You don't pay heed and continue the rat race cos you know there is no stopping until you win and the ironically,you don't even realise that sometimes you are already winning!!

Soon you start discussing with like-minded people about how we are hurrying about in life and those like-minded people whom we call friends ask us to "take a break" . Now "taking a break" is easier said than done! What exactly is "taking a break" these days?? Can you take a break from deadlines? Can you take a break from the mundane tasks of cooking and house-keeping? Can you take a break from checking your e-mails every 4 minutes? Can you take a break from scrapping your friends in orkut and chatting on gtalk?

You realise things that make up your life carries you so fast in its wave that its hard to stop the over-powering current from swallowing you. And you just flow on and on, not knowing where the waves are taking you.

And thats when you think of quitting your present job ...and searching for a "better offer" :-D

PS-1 : - Am not planning any job-change now, if this is wa=hat crossed your mind just now....its just observing a general trend :-)

PS-2 : As I told, I feel sick reading my post -> really bad write-up...but I did write some(no)thing !

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Rat said...

since there is a reference to me, its good :-D