Sunday, March 02, 2008

Kaapi? :)

Those letters make it sound irresistible, especially when it appears on a chat window at office at around 3:30 PM, while you are fighting hard to keep your eye lids from dropping and you keep cursing the person who created that PDF document which you are trying to finish! All this while you had been scrolling up and down the document, minimizing the screen, taking a look at your To Do note, then shifting your eyes to the bottom right hand corner to check the system time..going back to the document..hummpphh.. so much more to go yaar!!! And that is when this tiny thing pops
up from your next-cubicle mate.."Coffee?" "Sure..", you type quickly and spring to your feet.

The vending machine gives me really bad coffee, but then drinking it is much easier than staying awake before that great PDF document at least!

Scene 2: Traveling on the pride of Indian Railways.. yet another hot day. You look out of the window and see barren land as the train passes through villages, ponds and fields filled with water-hyacinth with palm trees lining up their shores. You turn to look at the passengers in your compartment. Its the same set of people since the last 5 stations. The guy sitting near the window has been clutching his briefcase and sleeping for the past 3 hours now.. the middle-aged couple sitting right across seem to have boarded the train after a fight I think, they hardly talk! The lady sitting right next to you with a sleeping baby in hand, who has been looking at your hands
since she settled down, making you feel so conscious of your un-cut un-polished nails. Thats when somebody cries aloud and thats like music to the ears.. "Kawfeeeeeeeee kawfeeeeeee..." His container comes to view first and then the man. He settles and hands you the familiar tiny cup.

The soft wisps curl up and lightens your spirit. A train journey without a couple of "kawfeeee" is so incomplete!

Why go so far... A sumptuous lunch, Sunday afternoon siesta and then you wake up to a BIG cup of hot hot Bru Instant... eyes still half sleepy, images of some portions of the last dream still in your head, with a mouth that cries for a wash and that first sip to touch your tongue...hhmmm..heavenly!

Any time for coffee man!!!


Sandeep said...

What about the HSR coffee day?

Vimal Gasper said...

ithu ezhuthan ulla prajothanam manasil aai illa!!!

jayadevan said...

Evening coffee with chat ,those old golden days ....maranno?

soorya said...

ahem..seems like thr is alist of complaints from dear n nears...asking if i forgot those moments... :-)

@ Sand : no dear, all coffee day moments still fresh.. esp the HSR layout ones.. the fights, the discussions, casual talks ..everything!

@ Vimal gasper : no prajothanams as such! Just like that!

@ Dad/mom : Naaaaaaaahhhhhh...good old days and that "Coffee with Mom" is no something that easily slips off from memory. The days of arguments we had abt Sania mirza(!!), the college gossips i shared, the office-gossips u shared in return ;-), the imaginary-kappa-meen(!!), how I used to nulli-parikkal from ur share of dosas after announcing I didn't want any..just taste nokkaanaa ;-) marakkoollla tto mommy! Keep reading and its nice to see u commenting on the blog rather than via mails! Create ablog space for urself and start writing too!

Deepak C U said...

Your blog took me back to the good olden Wipro days.. a hot cup of coffee at 11 and 3.. Anyways nice post..especially the train journey

Sreekanth G Nair said...
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Sreekanth G Nair said...

ennalum paavam 'chaaya' ye patti onnum parajnillallo... ;-(

Rat said...

i seldom walk up to the pantry while in office. but a hot cup of tea/coffee (if it comes to your desk all by itself) is always welcome. Well, it did happen one fine day, when I jokingly told my cubie to get me a cup too while she was going for tea. And I got a full cup! Phew.

Nice literature-like-write-up!