Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bru kaapi and Marie Biscuit

If you are a huge fan of chai-biskut, then you should be trying the bru-kaapi-marie-biscuit also!! Am sure you would love it!

Imagine this... You tear open a pack of Britannia Marie and find that its the best pack you have ever laid your hands on. The biscuits are perfectly aligned and held tight against the cover. You notice that the vulnerably delicate edges of the biscuits are still intact and there is not a sign of rough-handling by the super market boys. No powdered heaps of biscuits between two slices and all is perfect...oh great!!!

You hum a tune to yourself and make a cup of bru kaapi and pour it into a larger-than-usual-brightly-painted-yellow-and-white coffee mug to its brim. Leaving a trail of aroma as you rush to the dining table, the coffee mug is placed gently on the straw mat and you take the first of the marie biscuits from the pack.

After giving it a long look and having "tested OK" you gently dip it into the coffee. The mug is wide enough to let you dip the biscuit until only half of it is seen outside. And being an expert, you know to the precision of milli seconds as to how long you should keep it dipped so that it is as soft as possible, yet not flabby and dripping! A fraction of a second here and there, and you will either end up with a hard crust in your mouth or an unobtainable lump of soggy biscuit in the bottom of the coffee mug.

Instinct says its time to lift up the biscuit from the coffee. And the moment it is out, there is no time to waste. You immedietely let the soaked half of the biscuit crumble inside your month, warm and soft and along with it some crust from the other dry half as well. Hmmm.... heavenly!!!! :)) Enjoy your cup today!

PS - I got a lovely pic from flickr for this post... but with issues of copyright and stuff and moreover, it being tea rather than coffee, I rather take my own one soon. If it comes well, I shall post :)


Rat said...

Wella, I like the tea+tiger biskoot gombination :)
Bethanians are trained to LUV tiger biskoot. Buhahahaha. (for 10 rupees, you will get a kilo!)

Ajith said...

Well, surrogate advertisement in blog!!! U hve violated rules... Just kidding.great post .. never thought this deep while having chai biscuit....

Vimal Gasper said...

I like tea and cake... dip it and take it out ASAP, no scheduling of task required any attempt in scheduling will leave you with the other half either in your cup or on your trousers... :D
Manasil varunnathokke ithupolle bhangi aaittu enganneya ezhuthunne...

Jennifer said...

I just completed my bru kaapi and biscuit just before reading!! Great post.

Sreekanth G Nair said...

Awesome..!!! A similar combination I would suggest is - Thengin Kallu, Kappa and Karimeen fry.. :-)

Soorya said...

@rat no wonder sand loves tiger biskuts so much! I always wondered why tiger..and just tiger! :-p

@ajith thanks! welcome to my blog!

@vimal gasper hehhe...never tried mixing cake with anything else...next time try maadeette ollu!

@jennifer thanks jennifer!Welcome to my blog! and enjoy ur cup of bru :) Nothing to match it!!!

@sreekanth hmmm... kollaam kollaam... sand-inodu paranjittu ee combi oppikkaan pattuo ennu nokkatte ;)

maloo said...

We have Tea and Parle-G biscuits!!!Twas initially Sujit's combo.But now I have grown to love it more than him :D

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