Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday Fun 'and all'.. :)

Saw it on a mailing list today.
I fell off my chair reading, re-reading, re-re-reading :)))

Three cheers to 'Indian English' :D


sandeep said...

That "and all" were very funny "you know"..

Rat said...

Its so very uncomfortable to listen to such English, at least for me. Me no perfect, but I try to correct ppl wherever possible. One of the most dreaded wasted word is 'only'. Things like "I am like this only", "Today morning only I sent that", "He is not stopping only". Whats all this !!! And when it comes to the mallu, he is 'cot' between 'thots' whether its is pronounced as 'caught' or 'cot' !! Funny we ! :P

Girish Sasikumar said...

HEY so u read ubuntu community blogs ????
Thatz real strange !!!
Software engineers like u should work on mainstream OSs naaaaaaaaa

frahar... said...

ivar cheyyunnathenthennu ivar ariyunnilla..ivarodu porukkename.... :D

frahar... said...


>>>>Warty(4.10) - October 2004
>>>>Windows, 1.0, November 1985
>>>>Dapper(6.06 LTS),June 2006
>>>>Windows 3.0, in 1990