Tuesday, November 03, 2009

A day in her life..

I stood near the door of this boutique all day long, as if waiting for someone.

Dressed in a denim jeans and white tank top, I could give many a ramp-model a run for her money. My golden locks fell all around my shoulders with its dark streaks glinting in the rays of the morning sun. My stilettos added another 4 inch to an already tall figure. I wore a jazzy belt to accentuate my size-zero waist. And I just stood there all day long, tilted slightly towards my left and my hands in my pocket, with a tiny smile plastered on my face.

Kids smile at me and sometimes tug at my arms. They are the only people I like. Twenty-something-females would stand and stare at my clothes for a good minute before walking away, much to my embarrassment. And if that wasn't enough, some crazy men would link arms with me and pose for photographs!

And I said nothing, I did nothing, but to stand there all day, as if waiting for someone.
For what else was a day in a mannequin's life like!


sandeep said...

I thought it was a fwd from someone, initially.. !!

Good job.. :)

Aishwarya Ananth said...

Nice one!! :) Ur blog hiatus is over I hope!!

Vaishnavi said...

hahaha...good one..

Vimal Gasper said...

ente vocabulary valare mosam aannu... Dictionary vendi vannu...

Rat said...

onnukil english..
allenkil malayalam..
ithenthu kuntham.. enthaa aa item.. penguin-o ?

SilenceKilled said...

Cute :)

skpan said...

ella words-um dictionary-il nokki :)

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