Friday, January 30, 2009

While you were away..

The way I missed a step
slipped and fell
while I walked up the stairs
too busy texting on my cell

The way today's lunch tasted
with potatoes uncooked
And how we had to wait
for all the tables were booked

The way I caught
my cubicle mate dozing off
facing the screen saver
his monitor had switched off

I told you all this
And as always
you didn't respond.
Coz those were your ways.

And then I saw
your green button become orange
and saw it draw
hands of clock on them

Thats when I realised
much to my dismay
that I had typed
while you were away.


sandeep said...

how come you suddenly become a poet? :-?

Paul said...

good to see some rhyme that seems to make some sense.

Vimal Gasper said...

gollam gollam

skpan said...

The way I tried to give it a meaning was litl complicated; it took me 3 readings to get what you actually meant!

Rat said...

adipoli ! suuuper..
skpan's lines are equally good.
lot of swift changes happening.
Are we busy increasing the Poetic Quotient of the group ? :P

Tail: I HATE this stupid word verification. But this is what i was asked to type now "drevsxyf". What the $*_)()_

Soorya said...

@sandeep : :)
@Paul : tks! Its easier to write them too :)
@Gasper : tks :)
@skpan : I hv not been able to guess the meaning u had given first... so tell us :)
@Rat : :) tks! without word verification, my blog wud become like b 4 blog comment section :))))

Rat said...

Mine doesnt have word verification (or does it?)
I do not see any stray comments in mine!