Thursday, August 21, 2008

The story of a Kissan Jam Bottle

Am not feeling well today. I have a runny nose, fever and an aching body to give company all day long. The dull aches that sinusitis gives my face only adds to my misery.

Took an off from work today lest the AC worsens my situation.

Catching a cold means the end of the world for me. I become as irritating as a 5 yr old refusing to go to school. Having hubby also not around makes you feel all the more sick.

To cheer up, I looked in the cupboards to see if there was anything interesting. Some books, my old jeans which do not fit any more, some crockery, some bulbs...hmm..bulbs..thats interesting. I rummaged and found 4 of them, all in proper working condition.

Immediately enquired Google if there was anything I could do with a used bulb. They said I could make glitter bulbs. But it involved lot of technical uncertainties. The ones I had were working ones and if I did what they told, hubby dear wouldn't be pleased to see 4 good condition bulbs become glitter pots.

But nevertheless, I read through and found it pretty good. I managed to find a Kissan Jam bottle from kitchen and did the same thing. See ->

To do this, you would need

1) A glass bottle
2) Glass paints of any colour (I used Sunset Yellow)
3) Glitter or any small-tiny-decorative stuffs. I used the "springy-gold-coils" I got along with the Tanjore painting kit.
4) err... Thats it.. and a small amount of patience :)

How to do:

Pour in a generous amount of glass paints into the bottle. I used about 20 drops.

Keep rolling the bottle so that the paint spreads evenly around the bottle. Take care otherwise you might end up with thick coats on one side and thin on the other.

Once done, invert the bottle and place a glass beneath to collect the excess paint from the jar.Keep it for a good 15 minutes.

Wipe the mouth of the bottle with a tissue.

Now, sprinkle glitter or anything that catches your fancy and shake the bottle so that they get stuck on the edges.

If the paint looks wet, dry it with a hair-dryer.

Use a colourful ribbon to cover the mouth of the jar. (I didn't do this)

Your little flower-vase is ready!


sandeep said...

great.. and the photo is double great.. :)

Anonymous said...

And the worst thing about a cold is, it's the only sickness you don't get any sympathy for. Anything else it's like: "Oh, I'm so sorry. You poor thing". With a cold it's like: "You've got a cold? Get away from me"...
I'd try the craft, but crafts aren't really my "thing".

Anonymous said...

So, you were able to spend a sick leave with creativity ;)

Vimal Gasper said...

anganne oru divasam sabhalam aai...

Soorya said...

@sandeep :thanks :)
@dick small : true..
@silencekilled : yup.. :) though (sniff,sniff) the cold (sniff,sniff) is still thr... (sniff,sniff) :(
@vimal : hehehe... the "disco-light" in the dining room, which is the object of laughter for all visitors to house was a similar-day's outcome :-p

Aishwarya said...

Cute :-)... very interesting... must try that sometime..! :P

Resurgence said...

Koooool stuff............ and very brave of you to do something this creative while fighting cold .......... I just love to sleep when I am down wid cold........ :)