Thursday, May 21, 2009

What would you have wanted to do? vs What did you do?

This is a quickie.
I was on my way back home in the 8:00 PM can after work. A girl and a guy sat opposite to me, seemingly new joinees in the company.

She wanted to go to Kagadaspura and had boarded our bus thinking that would take her somewhere close to her destination.

Nopes, the bus was heading to BTM and I don't know if she realised that Kagadaspura was hardly 2 km from office, but in the opposite direction in which we were heading!

Somebody in the bus suggested she take an auto instead of going on this round-trip.

"Hey.. no yaar.. I hv just 40 rupees.. I can't go in auto."

Her guy-friend Mr.X laughed at her statement.
Then somebody said she could get down at BEML gate and take a direct bus to K'pura; which sounded like a great idea for her, and for her purse.

It was raining hard. The guy and she chattered loudly for all of us to hear(and let me add, in that bugging manner which guys think characterise girls - "hey no yeahhhhhh... why yeahhhhhh...seeee yeeeaahhhh" types) about petty stuffs..

She : "How much does it take to office from ur place by bus"
He : "Hmm.. 7 rupees"
She : "Oh.. it takes 9 for me yaar." (How sad! 2 rupees more!)

Some more less-than-10-rupees-money-talks continue to the point of saturation of irritation for the other bus mates. The way the guy spoke had started getting on my nerves and I developed an instant hatred for him.

She : Why do you want to go to marathahalli today yaar... its raining.. (so concerned! duh!)
He : Those people have my jeans ready..should collect it today yaaaaarrrr..
She : (pleading) But its raiiiiininggg...
He : Ohh.. I love rains...
Me : (to myself)grrr..Shut up, will ya!
She : Do you have a cap?
He : Cap? Yeah... way back in Kolkota!
Me : SIGH!!!!

Fortunately, the bus had trudged close to BEML gate by then and I was happy that one of them would go away. Our Mr.X now started showing some fake-concerns for madam.

He : "Hey, you know how to go from here?"
She : "No, but he said I could get a bus from here".
He : "Hey.. in case you have any problem naaa... " (trails off)

I thought he was about to give her his number and ask her to make a call.

He continued "Go back to office and take the 9:30 cab..ok?"

And just when she was about to get down, he asked the next stupid question.

He : "Hey.. do u need some money??? If you want I can spare you 30 or 40 bucks, you know!"

And she looked so pathetic when she said "Yes, I need. Please give me.."
He drew out his wallet and out came many 100 rupee notes.. and he fumbled with them until the driver told madam to get down.

When she said "Ok..never mind" and was about to get down.. he promptly put his wallet back. Shameless!!!

By now everybody in the bus was feeling bad for madam. Some good guy in the bus screamed.. "Hey, take some money from me" My hands moved to my purse and I wanted to give her some money. And also some good piece of advice that there are working ATMs in office, that nobody comes to office on her first day with just Rs.40 in purse and that you should learn to let go of friends who not only refuse to help you when you need them but also add to your headache. And I wanted to tell the guy "You are the biggest jerk I have ever met! I can't understand what kind of a friend you are!". But I don't know why; I didn't do both.

The girl got out and walked in the rain. I don't know when she reached home.

I felt bad I didn't grab my purse and give her the money. I felt bad that I didn't scream at the guy. I felt bad that I didn't act.

How many times have we thought I would want to do this, but never did.. and the moment passes, leaving you in deep remorse?

What would you have wanted to do and what would you have done? Let me know :)


sandeep said...

kaash kodukkathathu moshamaayi poyi..

Vimal Gasper said...

I think I would have had the strongest urge to help her, depending on how beautiful or cute she looks. But, I might not thinking of what others would think about it. I would have surely helped if it was a guy. Provided I know them in both cases. Otherwise, its a strict NO.

adi said...

long ride, raining hard, loud passengers... hmmmm.... sound sleep would be the only thing on my mind!!! :D

Rat said...

In typical Indian fashion, I would have felt pity for the girl.. and more (and more and more) pity on that guy. But wouldnt move an inch from where I sat. Coz I may lose my seat :D

Ammu said...

Well, i would have been irritated just like you were and would have tried to keep myself out of the mess! The girl too dumb and hoping for some guy to help her and without any backup money!..and the guy talking sweet but acting smart!!

Arun said...

Really interested to know the real characters in this story :-)

frahar... said...

i wont do anything... will open my laptop and blog/tweet about them.... ;)

Niki said...

I went through all your posts dear. That's why I took so long to respond. I didn't realise such a lot went thru that teeny little head of yours. The unassuming smiling little girl who used to pass by my gate everyday. Quite amusing :D Especially this one.

What would I have done? I would have helped the girl only if I knew her well. That's me.

Btw, I won't sell those earrings to you. Ha ha I will charge you for the beads, workmanship is free as I enjoy making them.

Vaishnavi said...

I might have helped that girl for sure. And I would have also told her what a jerk she was with. And after I come home, I would have heard from my folks, why can;t you mind your own business! ;)

Nitin Prakash Sharma said...

You narrated the incident and the thought in your mind pretty well.. Great.. Keep going..
What I would have wanted to do:-- would have helped her.. without giving any advice or comments on the conversation or abt the guy.

What would i have done:--"I don't know :))".. yes..thats true..I don't know :( might be I would be sitting idle listening to the shit.. might be i would have given her some money.. the dilemma of being right(helping her) vs what people will think (should i make a move,what if she reply/take this in wrong way, what other will think.. and so on..) might have eaten the time... :((

Soorya said...

@All Thank you so much for the response!! I loved readng all of them.. :)

Anoop Ismail said...

How many times have we thought I would want to do this, but never did. - many many times!!