Thursday, April 30, 2009

On Lunch boxes - specifically, post-marriage-lunch boxes

My classmate in college said his office was moving to the same building as my office and we were discussing about catching up after such a long time (well, let's ignore the fact that he was just a few buildings away for many months now and the "catching up" has never bothered to happen even then!!) Aah.. so while on the topic he joked(I hope it was!) that I could bring him packed lunches from home, now that we were in the same building.

And when I typed in the honest reply that neither me nor hubby dear takes lunch from home and so if he needed a dabba, I would have to cook lunch exclusively for him, he replied with a "thats not nice.. these days husbands.. " and trailed off.

Right... these days all husbands have lunch boxes. A husband without a lunch box is like a woman undergoing domestic violence at her home, a violation of human rights!

I dug deeper and here goes my analysis.

  1. Symbol of Marriage
    Today, young girls (traditionally N.Indian, but these days, just about anyone!), soon after their wedding are observed to metamorphose into an Unidentifiable-Talking-Object (UTO). The change is dominant on the first day of joining back to work. A I-love-rugged-jeans type will be seen in the demure-est salwar-kameez, full with the bright red sindoor, chunky mangal sutra and red bangles covering both arms. And needless to say, the change will wear off after some time when they find their lost rugged-jeans again. So the men folks felt left out and decided to announce their weddings in their unique styles - lunch boxes - colored ones, tupper-ware ones, good ol' stain steel ones, triple deckers, you name it, they have it!

  2. My-Wife-is-the-Best syndrome
    To bring your lunch box indicates your wife wakes up early in the morning, takes her bath at 5, makes you b-fast, makes yummy lunches, packs your lunch box and is there to see you off to office, everyday. What more does he want! :)At work, I know your heart fills up with pride when you stand in that queue for using the microwave while others wait for their poison-for-the-day (read as : cafeteria lunches)

  3. Sizes don't matter
    Probably you fall on the wrong sides of the BMI and you are one of those who ate two full-
    meals for lunch, apart from the orange shake and fruit bowl, before you got married. But post-wedding, when the lunch boxes come into picture, it really doesn't matter how much you eat; what matters is what you eat. So its perfectly fine to bring a lunch box half the size of your snacks-box in school; for you don't want your 'lunch kit' (to be described soon) to be bigger than your laptop case!

  4. The 'lunch kit'
    Lunch boxes are not be hidden inside your back-packs. They should be proudly displayed in an ergonomically designed bags called 'lunch kits' or 'lunch bags'. Some lunch boxes come with a 'built-in' bag with features including keeping your "lovingly made" food warm. If your lunch box is not as lucky as these you can use eco-friendly bags made of recycled-paper or jute. Whatever the case, take care to sling it on your shoulders and walk with your heads held high.

Closing for now, as it is time for my lunch :) No, nobody packs me lunches. If at all, I would have to do it. And fortunately, hubby dear doesn't mind me not packing him one :)

PS1 : There are frauds here as well. Most people who bring lunch boxes don't qualify for point #2 if their wife follows only the first half of the "lovingly cook" phrase and they have appointed a cook to do the second half.

PS2 : Btw, no offense intended at anybody! Am just plain jealous of people who bring their lunch boxes :-p

PS3 : Pic courtesy : As always : Flickr Creative Commons! I simply loved it!


Vimal Gasper said...

hilarious... you observe a lot of people... God only knows, what's in stock for me... hi hi hi

സന്ദീപ്‌ ഉണ്ണിമാധവന്‍ said...

how true ... the day i joined back work after marriage, everybody was asking me wherez my lunch box! the worst thing is that some of my colleagues bring breakfast for lunch and say thats healthier and tastier than a proper lunch.

i've resisted till now since home is walkable from office for both of us :) so, i'd been making fun of people following this trent :) the day i get a lunch box to office i am dead meat!

Ammu said...

nice post! very true.. :)

Rat said...

Very nice and Very true..
Having said that, i HATE those lunch boxes. They remind me of under-utilized double-decker buses.

Arun said...

Starting from my school days i used to hate lunch boxes.. So hope i wont be doing it after marriage :)

vaish said...

Well what can i say but.."Sigh..these days husbands..." :D

Soorya said...

@vimal hehehe... u want me to write one article on u? shall do :D

@sandeep u lucky lucky :D and pls don't tell me u hv parents at home who will cook lunch and wait for u .. I feel so J!! :(

@Ammu :D

@Rat, Arun hmm... nice to note thr r many men who dont like lunch boxes!

@vaish :)) sigh!!! anyways... thanks.. u managed to give me a topic to write abt ;)

Josue said...

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