Monday, April 27, 2009

Chumma oru Story...

There goes another Chocolate Fantasy..
and the last spoon of ice cream melted to take the shape of the plate.. like it had done for the last 55 weeks. This week is no different.

She saw his gaze fall on her and their gazes met for a brief second, before she looked at her watch again, for the 50th time in the last 45 minutes.
He took her hand in his. She dared not look up to meet his gaze... she hadn't dared to, in the last 55 weeks.

She knew what was coming. Another 15 minutes would pass by and they would pay the bill and walk away.

Only to repeat this again next week.

Wouldn't he ever tell her? Or even ask?

She gazed at her watch once more.

Then thinks of playing the will-i-get-lucky game today, to spend the 15 minutes!
So she decides; if he calls my name before the seconds hand on my watch reaches 12 again, he loves me.
Else, he loves me not.

With baited breath, she waits, hopes, prays, that he utters her name just once..
Past 50 seconds, and nothing has happened. She looks at his fingers stroking her wrist.
5 more seconds. She can't wait anymore.

"John.. "
and he replies "Shhhh..".

Defeated and disappointed, she looks down, tears welling up in her eyes.
She has lost the game.

Through the film of tears, she looks at the second hand of her watch take the last 3 seconds.

But wait.. Oh my God.. its stopped... its not moving!!!

John smiled to himself as he hoped Annie wouldn't have noticed how he had pulled at the tiny knob in her wrist watch.. he wanted the time to stand still when she was with him..


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wow! beautiful story ... keep writing.

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usha said...

awww.. cute!

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Very nice! Loved the last para!

Soorya said...

@All Thank you :) Your comments mean a lot to me!!!!