Friday, April 10, 2009

Open Letter to the Auto Driver.

Dear auto-driver,

I decided to write this as an open letter on my blog after I got terrified at the thought of you writing about the incident on yours!!

This is the same girl who you had dropped from the Tech Park to HAL bus stop for Rs 40 at 9:00 on 8th April. Aah... I can read from your face that you remember me! How can you not! I know you are laughing now! Never mind!

Now I think I should have taken the first auto rikshaw that was parked at the entrance. The guy had demanded 50 bucks and as always I looked up at the sky and reminded God that I had made a request about slapping at least one auto-wala.. when was He granting me that wish?

God looked down and asked me to count back from ten and relax this time. After some attempt at negotiation, I thought he would be ok for 40, but that guy called out to all the other guys parked there .. "aaaaeeyyy... 40 rs..HAL.." and immediately you had sprung on your feet and called "banni madam..banni..".

My head was cloudy after the really really tiring day and I sunk into the back seat and remember saying "HAL bus stop" and then noticed that the memory card had slid out of my N73. There were some warnings on the screen about it getting corrupted and the theme got reset to the default Stave one. I tried to push it back but it just wouldn't get latched in position. I lost all patience! I pulled it out and dropped it in my purse.

Your auto roared past HAL school almost brushing another auto. The signal was red when we reached and I decided I would alight there and cross the road than go over the other side. I extended the 100 rupees note to you and you replied "no change madam".

Bugged, I searched my purse. A 100 rupee, a 10 rupee and and a 20 rupee was all that I had. And yeah, a sodexho booklet too.

Me : Aapke pass 50 rupees hai?

You slowly brought out the fat bunch of folded notes from your pocket. A 50 rupee note was the last one wrapped. Beneath that was a 10 rupee note and then some more. In a rather clumsy manner, as if not able to make out what I had in my mind, you gave me the 50 rupee note (but didn't give the 10 rupee note! why??? Coz I didn't ask, I know!! :( )

Wearily, I took the 50 rupee note from you, and gave you the 100 rupee note. Then on second thoughts, took another 10 rupee note from my purse and gave you that also! And boy, you are a good actor! And the little amount of surprise you showed when you looked at the 50 rupee and 10 rupee note was not visible to me in the dark! Having double-checked that my smart calculation was right, I walked out.

At the bus stop, just when I was about to sit down and wait, realization stuck me like lightning that I had given you 60 bucks instead of 40!!!! And being from the insincere Bangalore auto tribe, I can't expect you to return that extra 20 then!

Listen, (most) mistakes do happen to people (like me), especially ones involving math. I am hoping you would read this and return my 20 rupees. Please :)

mathematically poor,


sandeep said...

I thought I was poorer than you in mathematics.. But you get the gold medal.. :))

Vimal Gasper said...

hi hi hi... bhu ha ha ha... LOL... ROFL... COWL...
Somebody stop mee.... ho no, somebody help meeeeeeeee...
Enikku chiri nirthan patunille...

Sushil said...

Hey dont feel bad - this has happened to me as well. Just never told anyone (till now) :-) about it.

സന്ദീപ്‌ ഉണ്ണിമാധവന്‍ said...

:) ... isnt rs. 20 worth a nice post ... dont worry

i hate the auto tribe in blore (heard that its worse in chennai) and prefer walking as much as i can :)

btw ... very nice narration

PS: request to allow open id comments

Soorya said...

@sandeep : one touch calculator shortcut has become the need of the hour for me :(

@ gasper : :( mati.

@ sushil : phew!!! pls tell that to my frnds... atleast I have company!!!

@sandeep : if u feel the 20 rs was worth this post, then am the happy of india! yeah, walking is much better!!! shall allow open ids soon!

Kamali said...

At this small age what all problems you face with

Rat said...

Recession okke onnu maaratte..
Ennittu Auto kaarku 100 ruupa veetham tip kodutho.

deeps said...

thats right ..
hopefully he does it with interest as well..!!

skpan said...

:) Enable 'math' in gmail. You will then be able to solve these simple maths questions easily.

As simple as (100 - 50 - 40 + x) = 0. x = -10!! (oh! so you did right! appol 20 evidunnu vannu?)

Rockus said...

Nice! Lending a helping hand in recession times! :P

Rockus said...

Nice! Lending a helping hand in recession times! :P

Soorya said...

@kamali :))))) not agn!!

@Rat :D

@deeps wud luv it :D

@skpan nice idea!

@rockus :))))