Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Me-Me-Its-all-me-tag from Ammu..

Got tagged by Ammu.

Kept pushing it off because I had this feeling that I would stop it at 10, max 11 :) And
worse still, my readers would stop it at 2!

But then, I get this feeling that I shouldn't post anything else when I have a "tag-debt".

So here we go, 25 stuffs about me..
(Zzzzz??? Hey there, wake up!)

I ..

  1. Discovered that I can be extremely-patient or extremely impatient. Extremely-patient with myself, extremely-impatient with everybody else, that is! There is nothing in between called just "patience".
  2. Love moisturisers so much that I get panicky when my bottle is empty.
  3. Love doing up my home. Wouldn't mind emptying my purse for that!
  4. Am a Die-hard retail therapy devotee. The '%' symbol followed by 'OFF' or the word "Free" can drive my logic out of the window!
  5. Suck at eating vegetables, more so, if they come as salads!
  6. Have this habit of right-clicking on desktop and clicking on 'refresh' repeatedly when I am on phone.
  7. Frequently get hurt when moving around the house ... either dashing against the door, hurting my toes moving furniture, banging my head somewhere... Sand calls it "common" these days and doesn't bother!
  8. Fantasize what I read in books.
  9. Am easily fascinated by good photographers.
  10. Love chatting - face 2 face, internet, anywhere!
  11. Have had really insane crushes in early teens, but dropped to nil during late teens. That, in fact, got me worried!
  12. Don't give alms to the beggars on street.
  13. Can't still believe the way Sand walked into my life!
  14. Am not a gadget-freak, but love Red Coloured Sony Vaio :)
  15. Read all fortunes and week-ahead columns in newspapers and mags.
  16. Hate guys who do their hair long, wear ear-rings, jazzy clothes, rings, tattoo and xtra-low-waist jeans barely clinging on to their hips and showing their Calvin Klein underwear!
  17. Love it when Sand cooks me his special pasta :)
  18. Respect working mothers and feel they need to be appreciated more.
  19. Cry easily watching movies! Tears of joy as well as sadness!
  20. Am very choosy about movies... I usually end up not liking a particular movie rated great by friends.
  21. Have worn braces for almost 3 years and when the dentist had no intention of removing it, I lied to him that I would be getting married in a month, and so I want them to be removed immediately!
  22. Love my school days more than my college days.
  23. Get dizzy looking down from tall buildings.
  24. Am scared of frogs and cockroaches.
  25. Managed to finish this tag!!! Hurray! Are you still with me? :)
Am not tagging anybody in particular... if you like it, take it :)


Ammu said...

Thanks for taking up the tag. Its a really nice me..I knew it wud be interesting! And we do have a lot in common abt hurting at home, house decors,fantasizing while reading etc.. he he..

sandeep said...

Add these too..

.. likes biriyani, burgers,pizzas and all kind of junk food

likes to jump saying "its a friday friday.. "

and many more.. I'm not publishing everything.. ;-)

frahar... said...

kollam.... liked ur idea abt reviving our CS blog.... pakshe aaru post cheyyum ? Annually orennam njaan post-aam... :) engane post cheyynam ennu njaanum marannu... ella idea-um start cheyyan maathrame enikkariyoo.. :) googlegroups,messageboard,blog enthokke aayirunnu ....

Rat said...

njaan ee blog vaayichittilla.
njaan ithu vazhi vannittum koodi illa.
ithu njaan alla

Vimal Gasper said...

25 things is too little... Its good to think about oneself once in a while and see how it looks... But, I don't intent to take up this tag as I don't want to sit and think about myself... :D

Soorya said...

@ammu : :)
@sandeep : hush dear..thats enuf!
@frahar : njan post cheythu..nee nokkio???
@rat : odi rakshapedunno??? maryadakku cheytho tag...illenkil suttiduven!
@gasper : when u get time, pls take it :)