Friday, June 12, 2009

Park Bench

Reading this was a pleasure which made me go deeper into this and here is the little wonder that the inspiration did to me:

She was reading a book. I caught her glance and smiled.
She smiled shyly and went back to reading.
I sat next to her on the bench in the park.
She moved closer.
Till our hands touched. It rained.
I walked away. So did she.
Behind bars now. Never steal a Samsung mobile again!


Ram said...

reminds me of 5-Star :-)

skpan said...

Will give you 20 more words. I have a few doubts! Can you clear them?

Vimal Gasper said...

Anganne 55 fiction ennu oru saadanam ondennu manasil aai... Why don't you try something like 10 Fiction now...

Anonymous said...

gud one !

adi said...

nice one... if you are an lotr fan like me, you might like this... :D

Soorya said...

@Ram : even I felt so, after I wrote it :)

@skpan : :-S

@vimal : shud try now.. but loks like u r exploring already!!

@silencekilled : tks :)

@adi : tks for the link... no, not into lotr!!

Rat said...

My advice.. Whenever you get a chance, steal a samsung phone. Two positive's
1. The company will see boosted sales
2. The rain problem in the city will be a story of the past.

Soorya said...

@Rat shall suggest!